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Guide to Twitch SureStream Video Ads that can’t be Blocked

Twitch SureStream

Twitch is the mostly using video streaming platform which specially designed for gaming purpose and every marketer wants to go on giving ads on it, and we can block twitch ads while streaming itself.Video advertising has become a revolution since from few years in digital marketing. But the word ad blocking made every online marketer step backward and fell in confusion of reaching the viewer with the ad. Developments will not stagnate at a place as technology improves and comes with a better solution to every problem. So here comes the Twitch SureStream Video Ads technology.

Introduction to Twitch SureStream Video Ads

Twitch is the reputed video Streaming platform that is owned by the Amazon. More than two million broadcasters. It is now started selling its new video ads for live stream partners.

The most interesting thing in those video ads is the Ad blockers can’t block them. These ads come as abuzz with the name Twitch new Sure Stream Video Ads. It offers most reliable streams.

Twitch SureStream Video ads brings better ad delivery experience which can benefit the community. The new technology will reduce the performance of ad blockers and delivers more ads to the users.

The SureStream is somewhat similar to the Facebook server type Ad-busting technology which inserts the ad and non-ad type of information and makes the ad blockers difficult to block the ads lack software identity.

Features of Twitch SureStream Video Ads

  • Twitch is now taking control over the video ad delivery process on its stream with its new technology.
  • The main changes that users can see after the rolling out of SureStream in advertising videos are the playback will go smoothly with less buffering.
  • It switches the ads much faster than before without the stagnating the things.
  • The higher volume video ad than the regular stream problem had solved.
  • By using the SureStream, it allows the Twitch to delete the ads that are problematic to the advertising and subscription turns more valuable as it offers ad-free experience.
  • It becomes the most attractive platform today as the advertiser’s rollout the ads to reach the targeted users.
  • Technology allows the Twitch to get more ads that can cross the ad blockers.
  • The Users of twitch can utilise the ad blocking software to gain the ad-free experience on their site for free and the SureStream reduce the effectiveness of the ad blockers.
  • Twitch is revealing that it is issuing the ad blockers and the ads are the best way to support the site and the creators of the content.
  • Twitch will continue its developments in the improvement of the SureStream technology.
  • Users can take the premium plan to get an ad-free experience on twitch turbo and Prime as a part of the subscription.
  • Therefore, The new advertising system helps the Twitch in fixing the ongoing ad volume issues and another feature is to create a more seamless ad experience with less pausing or buffering of the video.
  • Another benefit is it will gain good revenue from the online streamers.
  • It also reduces the efficiency of the ad-blocking software’s that are restricting the ads at present which in turn makes the Twitch platform subscriptions more valuable across the web.


Twitch is the trending stream to live streaming of gaming which has most demand in the market as the online platform. This could be the best to make video ads that reaches to the users quickly.

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