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TV Ads Vs YouTube Ads Which One will give High ROI

Tv Ads vs Youtube Ads

Radios are replaced by TV’s and TV to YouTube platform today…

Yes, what you have read is right!!

In initial days of technology development, Radio had created a great sensation across the globe and then

Television replaced and dominated the space.

Since from years, television ads are still effective over other ads. But, today the effectiveness of the TV ads goes on decreasing drastically with the domination of the video platforms.

TV stations are already grabbed some billions of dollars from the advertisers by purchasing the viewers attention towards their commercials which varies depending upon their TRP ratings of different channels during a variety of programs.

Let us explore these things

What, Where, When and How?

• Cost

• Effectiveness

• Pros

• Cons

• Analysis

• Research findings

Well, let’s start with the initial point.

What, Where, when and How


TV advertising is the most powerful as well as the most working format for advertisers. Especially for the local or small business marketers will get more benefitted with TV advertising.

When comes to YouTube platform, it had grabbed some millions of user base across the globe. It has become the most powerful platform for advertisers and marketers to reach the marketing targets.


But the days are changed. The utilization of the smart devices was increased rapidly. Everyone was using their mobiles to watch video content and hence the watch time was decreased on the Television.

People were more likely to watch the video content online though they are using the televisions at home to watch some content. But the engagement rates are higher across the web rather than offline engagement.

Prior to online advertising, marketers used to reach the large audience through television ads. But the days were changed and the change in video watching behavior too.


TV ads are generally planned at the time of the specific program and the costs of the ads are also depended on upon the engagement of the program with a particular user base.

When your ad comes to YouTube will reach your targeted demographics and it becomes easy to the marketers to analyze the same.

Marketers are getting successful with the YouTube advertising with different types of ad formats. There is a chance to grab the right format in the video ads that specifically fit in the marketing strategy unlike

TV ads which can only target the audience basing on the program viewer base and emotional expectations.


When comes to cost, the TV commercials will not work for all company sizes as it might not able to reach the audience that marketers targeted in specific to their strategic plan.

Whereas the YouTube platform plays a key role for advertisers and marketers to meet their requirements with time to time reach and other analytic reports.

The cost of TV advertising is very expensive comparatively with the cost of YouTube advertising.


We cannot say that the TV advertising is completely vanished and has no reach.

TV advertising is also the most powerful way of advertising but was limited to the audience and is expensive comparatively with online advertising.

YouTube is more effective when compared and weighed the things for all companies of different sizes from startups to reputed companies.


The Television advertising delivers the best visual elements to the audience which makes the product more appealing.

YouTube is competing for the video world with its video content to its billions of user base with millions of unique users every month which make the marketer’s services to reach the large audience.

The television Advertising can reach a lot of people and can be targeted basing on the people’s interest to the specific program. YouTube ads can target the millennial and demographics along with the location-based targeting.


TV ads are difficult to target the specific audience and the changes can’t be made within a short span.

People may fast forward the commercials or it might not be reach and the audience when they are aired.

YouTube ads need the perfect marketing strategy and targeting. It entirely depends upon the conveying ability of the video which can pull the audience to buy.

Analysis and measurement

Analyzing the TV ads is a bit confusing to the marketers as the rates vary basing on timings and programs.

A separate analytics platform is there to analyze and measure the video ad performance basing on different factors of video ads.

Research findings

According to the recent research reports, it is revealed that more than 36 percent American viewers fewer than 34 years are stopped using the paid cable connections.

YouTube was getting three times more attention visually, comparing with the TV ads.

The performance-based media placement TV ads are one of the types of TV ad which can be more effective and low-risk advertising on TV. But these ads are available for at certain stations only.

The number of unique users had increased on YouTube platform whereas decreased in TV viewing.

Therefore, the final conclusion towards the YouTube ads Vs TV ads has YouTube won the hearts of marketers, viewers, and advertisers and become a preferable platform for marketing online.

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