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Top Most Shared YouTube Video on Social Media : Adele – Hello

Top Most Shared YouTube Video On Social Media Adele – Hello

Hello! Have you ever heard of this word? but this word Hello from Adele has flattered the hearts of billion audiences throughout the world.

But how just only by delivering that as lyrics of a song and in this song she conveyed the pain of the heart-breaker with an overwhelming feel that everyone will face in the path of their life.

It’s impossible for someone to excel such a real soreness of heart-breaker through the song.

This is completely deliberating the realization of their mistake that they had done for a long time.

Maybe this is the reason to squeeze the hearts of the VEVO YouTube channel viewers by Adele.

It is the only song that has occupied the top position in the YouTube channel as the most watched and shared YouTube video in the history of social media.

This video has 1,938,956,124+ views and 10.5 million shares only through YouTube.

The likes through Facebook are 19 million and like ration through YouTube is 94.9%.

This made the name of Adele to utter by billions of viewers and as well as to gain huge fans.

This is the only video that never had such a demand in the history of YouTube since it started.

VEVO YouTube channel has made another sign in their success account.

MCN: Vevo

YouTube views:1.9B
YouTube Like ratio: 94.9%
YouTube likes: 11.6M
YouTube dislikes: 624.7K
YouTube comments: 629.6K
YouTube shares: 10.5M
YouTube engagements: 12.9M

Facebook engagements: 19.4M
Facebook likes: 19M
Facebook shares + comments : 397.7K

Reddit Upvotes : 930
Reddit Comments : 249
Reddit Posts : 25
Stumbleupon : 112

Twitter : 15K
Google+ : 1.5M
LinkedIn : 7.3K
Pinterest : 2.2K
Referring domains : 5.4K
Overall Referrers : 99.9K
External Embed Sources : 13.5K

Total Social Media: 21M

Stats & Image Source : VidiQ & Ahrefs

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