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Top 20 Twitter Video Now Facts and Figures

Twitter Video Now Facts and Figures

Twitter is one of the best networks to communicate with clients, support them in different ways. Twitter had launched the new feature Twitter Video for adverting Video Ads. It is must for the small to large scale industries follow the twitter marketing strategies.

If you check the statistics about twitter, it is the fastest growing social media network demographically. Twitter video ads will reach all over the world to get high revenue for business.

  1. VideoNOW event was held in New York city
  2. More than 300 million people are using the Twitter platform
  3. 1.4 billion people had registered users on Twitter
  4. According to some survey reports it was revealed that 121 million unique users are visiting the Twitter platform monthly
  5. VideoNOW event had showcased the efforts of Twitter on Video content
  6. VideoNOW event reveals that The video views has increased to 150X on Twitter and expected to increase.
  7. It is also highlighted that more than 90 percent views noticed from the mobile devices
  8. The Average number of followers per user on Twitter platform is 209
  9. 66 million users on Twitter are from United States
  10. 22% MAUs are located in US
  11. The event also revealed that Twitter platform could show what’s happening in the world more than 10 to 15 minutes faster than any other service on the web
  12. In VideoNOW, the new Twitter CEO had taken an opportunity to highlight the Twitter’s advantages comparing to the other platforms across the web
  13. Twitter had released a Blog spot to demonstrate the use of tracking earthquakes
  14. The tweeted data has revealed that it is the faster indicator of seismic activity
  15. The importance of Twitter and the advantages for the users, brands, marketers and individuals was explained in the event.
  16. The NFL league has combined Twitter audience to 119 million followers directly through the main handle
  17. The publishers and creators are going have an option to monetisation of the video content on Twitter platform
  18. It is also announced that the new buttons for the Periscope application add new charm to the live video
  19. The new periscope widget will turn red while user streaming the periscope content
  20. Another Fact of Twitter video content is, 81% of the video views are happening within the first five minutes.


As we said that twitter is the fastest growing network millions of people using twitter videos. we have given facts and figures about twitter videos. Follow the twitter marketing strategy for better results.

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