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Top 10 YouTube Channels in Sweden


People in Sweden speak English, but some people love watching YouTube in their Swedish language. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. Here you can see videos about any topic. Check the top YouTube channels in Sweden.


PewDiePie is the channel that makes video content that is very right to go viral and works best for him. The channel has 57,080,397 subscribers and 16,016,667,794 views. The channel joined in 2010.


AviciiOfficialVEVO is one of the fastest grown channels on YouTube. It was launched in 2011 and number of subscribers are 10,743,760. Total views are 4,280,016,546.


LEMMiNO is one of the most popular YouTube channel in Sweden. You can find documentaries and lists about different topics. Total number of subscribers is 2,457,869 and views are 319,703,313.


SkillTwins-Tutorials-Gameskills Sweden YouTube channel has tutorials, skills, fun and entertainment and real football game footage videos. 2,221,214 are the number of subscribers and 201,727,232 is the views.


Galantis is the official channel of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow. They are uploading their videos on YouTube since 2012. Number of subscribers is 2,179,406 and total views are 806,462,474.


TeamMojang has videos mostly about Minecraft since this is the official YouTube channel of the creators. It has 2,106,030 subscribers and 514,193,623 views.


Battlefield channel is about Battlefield gameplay and has 2,074,856 subscribers and 362,044,330 views.


Anomaly is another popular Sweden YouTube channel which is ten years old and presently has around 1,867,662 subscribers and 372,056,415 views.


FamilyPlaylab is a channel that shows videos about kids indoor playing. It has 1,849,361 subscribers and 1,311,125,790 views.


FaZeTeeqo also gets place in the top Sweden channels list with 1,821,618 subscribers and 196,125,489 views.

There are also many other channels that people enjoy watching and might be the favourite of many. Above mentioned are only few of the YouTube Channels in Sweden that have good number of followers.

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