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Top 10 YouTube Channels in Canada

Top 10 YouTube Channels In Canada


It is a Canadian based channel and they publish top most lists of movies, culture, celebrities, music, pop culture, TV, Film, video games, politics, news, comics and super heroes. They treat the customers as unique way to grow up their channel by promoting the ultimate stuff to them.

2. Baby Big Mouth:

They make adventure on finding the surprise eggs by exciting the kids and they get collection of toys throughout the world. Through this channel the children can learn, sing, dance and they can play creative games by themselves.

3. VanossGaming:

This is a gaming channel and Evan fong will make commentary on the playing games which generates more entertainment for the users and more he makes a creation producing new adventurous games like monster type.

4. TheWeekndVEVO:

This channel is obviously launched to cheer the music listeners and Abel will compose the songs of different themes with uncountable feelings. The young people might enjoy the music environment that he makes and it has 7,121,874+ subscribers and 3,304,935,161+ viewers.

5. TheRichest:

This is the best ever channel as it discusses about the reality of shocking, controversial, hilarious, strange, creepy, amazing things that going in our surrounding and we can know about the real life and thoughts of celebrities. That’s why this channel magnifies the public.

6. MrSuicideSheep:

This channel is related to Music and he will give best afford to create the uncountable feel in the users. He uploads the different music modes of electronic and non electronic.

7.Busy Beavers:

It is kids channel and they make the extraordinary videos of education and playing related. The children can learn all the things in one place even they can learn coloring, numbers, shapes and alphabets easily with real time characters. This is the well build channel for the entertainment of kids.

8. JoBlo Movie Trailers:

It publishes the latest movie trailers on horror, celebrity interviews about released movie or upcoming movie and pleasant comic videos of movie. This has huge number of fans for updated information they provide. It has 1,442,581+ subscribers and 1,742,720,452+ viewers.

9. IISuperwomanII:

This channel launched by Lilly Singh who belongs to Canada and she is famous figure as best comedian. She makes fantastic and funny videos by appearing herself with different characters.

10. Monstercat:

This Canadian based electronic music channel and they promote the music albums. They offer the viewers to make music dictionary which have unique creativity. It has 5,511,297+ subscribers and 1,414,925,756+ views.

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