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Top 10 YouTube Channels Every Movie Buff should be Following

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People love watching movies and some deeper than others by analysing the things from review to tunes used in the movie. For such movie buffs, YouTube is the right platform to know about present trending topics, buzz and latest hot news about the movies. Here are some top 10 be-channel/”>YouTube channels that every movie buff must follow on YouTube platform. Here we go.

1. Collider video

This channel focuses on the latest entertainment news with a differentiated content which covers both TV and as well as latest movies. The channel also carries some live movie talks in an interesting way.

2. Film Theorists

It is the best channel for movie buffs if you are thinking about something funny and creative editing with entertaining theories.

3. Screen Rant

This channel is generally focus on the detailed movie reviews. It is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube platform. It is famous for the discussions about the Star Wars fans and Marvels.

4. Watch Mojo

One of the most popular channel that every movie buff must follow on YouTube platform. The channel used to publish daily entertainment content with something special buzz. It is the best channel to get dive into the best moments of Hollywood popular movie stuff. The channel generally come up with an interesting titles like the most hilarious, most horror etc.

5. Schmoes Know

Best channel to follow for the latest movie reviews in a special way that fill with fun talks. The channels also hosts across some of the movie centric channels.

6. Cinemasins

It is one of the best destination for the movie critics about the downsides and mistakes of top movies along with discussions and movie reviews.

7. Screen junkies

This channel had started in the year 2008 and running successfully with good following. The channel is generally focus on honest trailers which are updated every Tuesday. The channel also discusses the past, present and future movie topics.

8. Chris Stuckmann

Chris is a movie critic who had the good sense of humor who deliver hilarious movie reviews to his audience. It is one of the best channels if you love watching movie stuff with added humor.

9. Friday Double Bill

One of the best channel for Bollywood, Hollywood and regional movie reviews in detail. It is the best online review channel.

10. Reelz Channel

Reelz channel is another good channel for best movie updates and sneak peeks on latest Hollywood movies and interviews with the stars.

All these above channels are the best destinations for the movie buffs to follow their favorite stuff on YouTube platform.

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