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Top 10 Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Video Editing Apps

Creating high definition videos in iPhone is easy to process but adding descriptions titles, applying filters and editing the videos manual is the little bit complicated process. Video editing software makes a user to modify your iPhone videos easily with video editing apps. There are some Video Editing Apps available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Here we go in deep with the Top 10 Video editing Apps for iPhones.


Filmorago is the easy interface to edit your everyday videos into artistic videos. It gives professional look to the video looks like costly. Just select a video to edit apply background theme, apply one background music to the selected video. The basic features are transaction, trim and apply filters. One of the best features is it automatically picks the best part to highlight the video.


Splice is a best-recommended iOS app for editing videos on your iPhone. Its free app allows mix n match the video, add music and filters required basic editing. It provides audio and video editing timelines to edit easily. Add slow motion effects, zoom, orientation and creates HD videos.

iMovie By Apple:

This is an official iOS app which allows users to edit the video in your iPhones. The best app for video editing which transforms your video into professional movie look. It provides movie themes, transitions, sound effects to turn video into gorgeous. You can shoot a video directly from the app for better video clarity and editing.


It is the fast and safe way of editing video in iOS. Advertisement free video editing app for iPhones. This app allows to break the big video into amazing video clips, add sound effects, slow motion graphic effects, fast motion and join all small clips in one video. It supports Reverse playback, rotates 90 degrees and titles between videos animation effects to iPhone videos.


One of the most popular apps developed by GoPro for iPhone users. Quik allows you to create most elusive videos with in few steps. It can allow up to 200 photos and videos to edit and has 26 video editing styles. It is the smart app which allows you to apply transitions, synchronizing beat of the music, analyze your footage and everything.


Magisto is one of the best video editing app developed for iPhone users. The best feature of this app is it turns photos and videos automatically into magical video stories. You can share automatically to friends through social media. This app was awarded as “the best app for iPhone” user over 80 million happy users for this app worldwide.


Cameo is easy to edit video editing app which is packed tons of features. It is powerful but you won’t believe east to run. The key feature is easy to edit, powerful video editing tools, different sharing and saving in your phones option, free iPad, and iPhone app. You can share through twitter, facebook, Instagram. It offers HD videos with 4K resolutions.


Filmakr is a confortable app which allows users to directly shoot, edit and share options. It is the best app for to edit videos and share with family and friends. It makes stunning videos the bright features are slow motion effects, Strobe, Fast-Mo, Hd videos. It allows 4K, 1080p and HD video formats. It provides film look filters and dedicated controls to look stunning.

Viva Video:

Over 100 million users are using this app for video editing. Viva Video is one of the most popular and free video editing apps for iOS users. This has wonderful features of video editing tools like text Filters, storyboard telling, creative video lens, a slideshow maker and video college and more. Easy to import and share features.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe Premiere Clip is popular free video editing app for iPhone and iPad user. It has user-friendly features like drag and drop, trims out the photos, lighting adjustments, slow motion graphics, soundtracks, adjusts smooth volume levels between video clips. We can apply custom editing, lighting effects, appearance can change overall video look.


The above is an excellent guide for video editing apps for iOS users. These are the Top 10 Video Editing Apps for iPhones to create professional videos.

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