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Top 10 Video Editing Apps for Instagram

Instagram is the only community with millions of users. It has become the entertainment hub for all the families and friends to share their moments through stories. In simple words, it is the album of picture world where we can find every style of photography that may be either photo or video. It has become the trending media sharing source for all the business brands to make promotions. Most of the brands want to explore their branding strategy on Instagram in an extraordinary way.


The mini moments of our everyday life can be expanded by using this Boomerang app. With no signup or registration to the account, the mini videos can be created by using the camera. The immediate capturing and download is possible through it. 10 photos at a time can be captured and stitched to create the mini video that can be shared on social media sites along with Instagram as a GIF format.


By using this app, we can convert the vertical videos to horizontal videos and photos by holding our device in any way that every Instagram user needs. The storage space can be managed in three ways of low, medium and high.

YouTube Capture

It is originated from the Google to deliver the utmost experience to the users. It can be used to edit the videos that are uploaded to both the YouTube and other trending social media platforms like Instagram with ultimate editing features. The clips of unlimited can be stitched as a story and the trimming, color correction, and integration of soundtrack etc. can be done by using this app directly from our phone.


The only smarter app that delivers the astonishing video that can be shared in minutes on Instagram. Through this, the high-quality videos including captions and logos can be created. It provides the music library, and free video hosting can be launched by using this app.

Lapse It

The most advanced and trending features can be drawn from this app. The DSLR or GoPro camera images sequences can be imported by using Lapse It. The adjustments like focus, scene modes, white balance and exposure can be done manually with the help of this app.


It is available on iOS devices to generate the hilarious videos from the regular capturing moments. The animated titles and captions can be added that exactly synchronized while speaking during recording. The stories of our moments can be expressed by including emojis and comics most excitingly.


The videos can be created easily with no watermarks of this app. The video can be created by using both the photos and videos. The merging and cutting of different format videos can be done easily. Our style of music can be added to the video. The extraction of audio from video is possible through this app.


The magic of adding beautiful effects to the video clips or photos can be observed by using this app. It allows adding 75 photos and also provides 23 video styles with mindboggling visual effects. The trimming of videos to play in slow and faster motion can be done easily. HD quality videos can be shared on viral social media sites like Instagram at an instant.


The video that has been created by using this app will giggle the Instagram audiences with most enjoying video editing effects. The fun moments can be created with the collaboration of our friends by using Funimate video editor. Texts, stickers, and emojis can be added along with our desired music to the video.

Giphy Cam

The GIF files can be created in an instant with the help of this app. Gifs can be enhanced by adding the texts, face tracked accessories, frames, and stickers, etc. Just by holding the single button the GIFs of 5 frame Burst Mode can be created.


If you want to roll out on Instagram as the unique creator of producing different styles of photos or videos that enhance your creative strategy just go on using the above apps real time. These apps will help to project the icon of your innovation on Instagram.

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