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Top 10 Java YouTube Channels You Should Follow


Java is one of the basic and important programming languages that all from students to professionals want to learn. Though, everyone keeps learning this language still looking to have the most effective knowledge by digging the more relevant sources. According to that online learning especially through YouTube is the most seeking one as it defines each fragment. If you are more enthusiastic about learning java at the expert level, then you should go through the following list of Java YouTube Channels where you can find the stuff from basic level to expert level.


It is one of the topmost channels where they feed the learners to generate the advanced, scalable and rich applications as the real-time platform.

Adam Bien

This channel is originated from the ‘’ where the spoon feeding of java programming is available for the users.

Thoughts On Java

The development skills of the basic programmer can reach the goal to become the expert in programming by watching ‘Thoughts On Java’ YouTube channel frequently. They provide the tips of Hibernate and JPA.

GoTo Conferences

It has been launched and rolled by the real-time application developers to ignite the thoughts of the others especially in the community of software. They launch conferences to disclose the presentations and interviews of java programming.


The building of simple, fast and portable applications and JVM based systems is possible only through ‘Spring’ application development framework which has been used by the millions of developers and those concepts will be disclosed by this channel. This channel has 85,955+ subscribers and 8,045,611+ views.

Sou Java

It is the community of the Brazilian application programming experts and has been launched to revitalize the programmers with innovative and advanced applications.


This channel uploads the conference videos regarding Java, HTML5, and Android, etc. that has been organized by the Belgian Java User Group.


Through this channel, the users can learn the application programming in simple and easy by making discussions lively.


The working, playing and coding habits of the developers will be introduced in this channel.

Sebastian Daschner

This channel is organized by the freelancer who is much passionate about java programming. He explains each step of the program in a clear way that everyone can easily understand.


If you want to go innovative by adding advanced and enriching application programming world, just watch the above listed YouTube channels. These channels will be most beneficial for the students and employers to learn the application programming from home itself as they don’t find time to spend outside.

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