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Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

Free Video Editing Software

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform and hours and hours of video is uploaded to this platform every day. Brands, businesses or individuals are using this platform to reach wide numbers of audience. Performance of the video depends on the quality of the video created. Video editing plays an important role while making the video to look more professional. Let us see some free video editing software for YouTube.


Filmora Video Editor can be used both for Windows and Mach. This software for YouTube video editing supports many formats. Color correction and green screen are the notable features.


iMovie is YouTube video editing software for Mac users. This easy to use program has a friendly interface and allows sharing edited fields online.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker video editing software is for Windows users. This allows creating, editing and publishing the videos. This free software is very easy to use and has many editing tools and functions.

Video Pad Video Editor

Video Pad Video editor interface can easily experience by the beginners. The drag and drop buttons, transitions, speed adjustments, effects make user enjoyable. Once if you finished the editing easily shareable on social media networks like Flicker, YouTube and Facebook.


LightWorks is video editing software for YouTube videos. This free software supports different platforms and is available as free and paid service.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is free video editing software for YouTube. This is easy to use and offers interesting fun transitions. Suitable for photo slide shows.


Blender is video editing software for Mac. There are many advanced features including 3D graphics.


VSDC free video editor has many effects and filters to make your footage look professional.


Wax is another free video editor but with limited functions.


Avidemux is another free editor for beginners. Simple cutting filtering and encoding tasks can be done and it supports various file types.

Free video editing software tools online help save the money. But finding good software may require patience. The above mentioned are some of the best video editing software with interesting features.

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