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Top 10 Android TV Boxes

Android TV Boxes

Android TV box is a small set-top box. Using Android TV boxes it is possible to stream content to the television over the internet. This device runs on the Android operating system. Many devices can be found in online stores. However one has to buy only legally grey devices.

Android TV Boxes

1.Amazon Fire TV:

This is probably the most popular Android device. Buy the latest model from Amazon. This gives 4 K video outputs and has a speedy processor and 2 GB RAM.


2.NVidia Shield TV

This device allows internet streaming, playing games etc. The latest models are offered with more and more interesting features.

3.Amazon Fire TV Stick

this is a HDMI dongle that can be plugged into the TV. This comes with 1 GB RAM.


4.Q-Box 4K

For people who love to play android games on television or stream PC titles, this is the best device. This compact Android TV box also supports Kodi.

5.Matricom G-Box Q2

This is another Android TV box with features that make transferring the content simple. It comes with 16 GB internal storage and supports micro SD card.

6.WeTek Core

For the price it is offered, this device is most powerful and supports 4K playback. It comes powered with 2 GHz quad core processor.

7.Kukele TV Box

With 3G of RAM and octa core processor, this TV box gives lag free experience. Operating the device is very easy.

8.Rveal Media TV Tuner

stream content from internet and stop paying for satellite or cable. This is easy to set up and can be connected using HDMI port.

9.SkyStream One Streaming Media Player

this is an easy to set up device which can access Google Play. Favorite shows can be watched using the device.

10.Evanpo T95Z Plus Smart TV Box

This TV box runs on the latest version of Android operating system. It plays 4K videos and there will be no lagging as it is powered by octa core processor.

Android TV boxes are the best solution for the streaming problems. Android TV boxes can be chosen based on the need and budget of the buyer.

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