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Tod Plotkin – Exclusive Interview with Executive Producer of Green Buzz Agency

Tod Plotkin

Tod Plotkin Executive producer of Green Buzz Agency- Exclusive interview on

Tell us something about your Company Green Buzz Agency?

Green Buzz Agency is a Washington, DC Video Production Company that specializes in unscripted branded entertainment and corporate documentaries. We have had major success in the digital sphere– for example, we have created video content for iconic advertising campaigns (Ad Council, Love Has No Labels) and produced one of the most viewed/shared branded videos of the year (16 million+ views).

Our agency’s clients include Lockheed Martin, Hilton Worldwide, Make-A-Wish Foundation, American Red Cross, Johns Hopkins University, Quaker Oats, Upworthy, Ad Council, Cricket Wireless and many other great organizations.

With creative storytelling techniques and cinematic quality visuals, our award-winning videos help our corporate partners connect with their audience.

What are Green Buzz Agency video production services?

We are a full-service production company, staffed with in-house producers and editors. That means we can meet our clients at any point in the production process. And, because we have worked with companies across all industries, we have experience creating a huge variety of video content. For example, we have in our portfolio everything from scripted motion graphic explainer videos to internal communications videos shot on sets we built ourselves, and, of course, branded documentaries.

Tell us something about your Green Buzz Agency process with respect to Video Production?

Well, our production process is broken up into three phases: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

In Pre-Production, we work with our clients to develop their video. In the case of a documentary piece, we will create interview questions that make sure each interviewee is on topic for the video’s theme. If it’s a graphics or acted piece, we draft a script that is carefully tailored to the client’s message. We’ll discuss the direction of the piece to make sure all of our visuals hone in on exactly what the client wants to communicate. Once we’ve got the creative figured out, we get a shoot on the calendar and get into production.

On the production day, we utilize cinematic techniques such as camera motion, hyper lapse, and slow motion in order to capture exciting footage.

Finally, we believe the edit suite is where the story comes to life. That’s why in Post-Production our team of producers and editors work with our clients to piece together the perfect soundbites and shots to tell the story.

What is Green Buzz Agency Success Model?

We are always striving to tell stories with authentic emotion. And, as a creative agency, we are constantly pushing ourselves to never settle for the status quo. Those philosophies keep us on the cutting edge of the video industry and help us deliver the best possible video to all of our clients.

What is an Award Winning corporate videos in Green Buzz Agency?

One of our award-winning pieces is a nonprofit documentary video called Wizard for a Day. It won an Emmy Award in 2016. Every year, we are the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic chapter’s chosen video partner for their Night of Wishes Gala, which is their biggest fundraising event of the year. This particular video features Nitin, a child diagnosed with cancer, who wished to spend a day with his favorite basketball team.

Our team gets to make a personal connection with our subjects, especially for the Make-A-Wish videos. And that’s what makes this video really special- it all comes back to that authentic emotion. When you have a great connection with the family or person you are filming with, they open up to you on camera. It makes a huge impact on the final product, and I think that’s really evident in this video in particular.

Say something about your Green Buzz Motion Graphic Videos?

Motion graphic videos are so flexible- for example, if you want to create a corporate documentary, you don’t have to stick to the typical visuals of your company. Maybe your office is really drab, or your employees are stiff on camera. Instead of trying to force all of that on screen, you can illustrate the abstract and interesting company ideals through a motion graphic instead. We did that with Upworthy’s Company overview, and it was a huge success. With a really innovative 3D style, the end result is much more engaging.

And, you can be really specific about how you want it to look. You can incorporate your company colors, choose a style that really fits your brand, and create a script that says exactly what you mean it to. Motion graphics can be a great choice for a client.

Tell us something about your upcoming Online Video Production Trends?

Right now, we’re looking into the trends and reports about branded content. As ad blockers become more and more popular, it’s important to create engaging content that makes your users attribute your brand to a great story. That’s why people are going the route of Cricket Wireless and sponsoring branded documentaries instead of pouring all of their resources into traditional advertising. This video got over 16M views- that shows that branded content is an extremely powerful way to reach your audience.

What are the Latest Green Buzz Agency Services that can help brands?

Recently, we’ve created several videos that are formatted for social media outlets such as Facebook. This gives insight into creating engaging videos that are tailored to the users and the user experience of those Social Media platforms. For example, when we make videos for social media like Facebook, we will create captions and a compelling first shot to make sure it works well on autoplay. We take into consideration the distribution method of every video we make, and that helps us create solutions that make the most impact.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your Green Buzz Agency Services?

People are bombarded by content coming at them from every possible direction. At the end of the day, our job at Green Buzz Agency is to cut through the noise and help brands tell a story that is powerful enough to resonate with people. That’s why we focus on documentary storytelling. We don’t just make dry overview videos; instead, our videos humanize the brands we work with.

And, we incorporate other storytelling elements that you don’t often see in the corporate video, such as meticulous sound design and transitions (both visual and auditory) that enhance the story and its dramatic effect. That’s how you make an impact, and that’s why our clients get great ROI.

Thank you Tod Plotkin for spending your valuable time to share your inputs with readers.

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