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Tips for Optimizing your YouTube TrueView for Shopping Campaign

YouTube TrueView

Are you intended to launch the YouTube trueView for shopping campaigns?

Don’t you know how to make it better that benefits a lot?

Here are fine optimizing tips to create YouTube True View for shopping campaigns.

YouTube is providing various ways for the marketers to reach the millions of audience across its platform.

The True view video ads for the e-commerce campaigns or shopping campaigns are very helpful for the marketers to get higher conversion rates on the platform.The true view of shopping feature allows the viewers to know more information about the products and allow them to click for purchasing.

This new feature allows marketers to showcase their product with details including images of the products within the video ads. Here are some important tips for the Trueview shopping campaign.

Get most out of your cost per view

The CPV is the average amount that is paid by the advertiser to view video ads. It depends upon the length, quality, targeting dynamics and several other factors.

To meet the CPV goals, be careful while adjusting the bids along with the expansion of your targeting. By expanding your targeting you can compete others efficiently.

Also, improve your ads to get higher view rate towards your campaign video.

Get the most out of your view rate

The view rate is calculated by the total number of views of the ad that are divided by the number of people that the ad served.

If you get the higher view rate then you have more engaged viewers with the content. so, improve your ads with short form content and improve your targeting potential.

Meet your CTR

To increase the CTR rates, do add the clear call to action overlays within your videos on true view in display and in-stream video ads on YouTube platform.

It does not cost extra bucks, in turn, increases viewer engagement with your campaign.


Before launching the True View ads as the shopping campaign just go through the instructions of the AdWords help which guide you to link up the AdWords account to Google Merchant Center Account.

With the facility of Google Merchant account can access the YouTube TrueView for in-stream ads of shopping campaigns.

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