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Tips for Live Streaming Shows using Blab, Periscope, YouTube Live

Live streaming becomes the new trending topic on the web since few months. Many live streaming applications were also trending online. The live stream application like periscope and Meerkat were also using for the online marketing and the promotions too. These applications like Blab, YouTube live, Periscope etc. are allowing the people to make their live streaming merely shows online. Their features were also attracting the audience to create something new with the tools provided by these live streaming applications. Here are some tips for the live streaming your show by using these applications.


Tips for live streaming on Blab

  • Schedule your Blab to go live streaming. So that your subscribers can know about your live broadcasting
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are better for live shows on Blab
  • Go with attractive and relevant Blab title. Try to write your title in 64 characters
  • Tweet a scheduled Blab broadcast on twitter
  • Set your expectations on the Blab broadcasting

Tips for Periscope

  • Manage the time of your broadcast to get more views
  • Research on Audience viewing behaviors before broadcast
  • Go with compelling title and describe your video
  • Go straight forward and don’t give long lecturers
  • Keep it attractive and interesting to the audience
  • Go with location tagging and responds top love comments to increase the exposure and engagement levels with audience

Tips for live streaming on YouTube Live

  • Create a trailer before your live show
  • Connect your stream with other social accounts
  • Feature the event for the new visitors on Your YouTube channel
  • You can also update YouTube channel art by including your event name and the time
  • Create highlight clips and organize them in playlists
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