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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Search Operators to find the best content


YouTube is the incredible platform that has a broad range of video content like an ocean. If you are searching for something important on YouTube, you will experience some pranks, fake videos, etc. in your search results.

Though YouTube has equipped and featured its platform to avoid the spammy content videos, still it needs to be more effective to make spam zero on its platform. However, still there are many options, the platform had provided us best search operators to find the best content on YouTube platform.

This guide is beneficial to you to learn more about the different search options and advanced features on YouTube platforms for searching the best content online.

YouTube search tools

• By using the YouTube searching tools, it utilizes the same search operators which can tweak better results.

• Limit the words in your title and by keeping the “all in the title ” before your search makes the search simplified and limited.

• By using this, the videos that are matched with the specific words in the given title will be displayed in search results.

• You can also keep on search by using the descriptions and tags.

• However, it might be the misleader to the other videos, if it does not have any perfect or specific tag might mislead to other videos which might be spam.

• Exclude the terms and add a “-“ and after that type your word you want to keep out from the results.

• So, while you are searching for different combinations of tags and descriptions, you can find the best results for your search.

• For example, if you do not want to see videos related to the makeup or exercise then you can type like “Makeup-video- exercises.”

• If you are not that active and feel lazy to type long words or sentences in search of the things like “dancing: aerobics.” Just type Aerobics, dancing, etc.

• You can find these things in the YouTube advanced search tools that can show the results of your completed search. You can also filter the videos basing on the video length.

• It is simple to find the content which is lengthier than 20 minutes using YouTube advanced search basing on the length of the video.


If the titles and the thumbnails are not enough to find the right content, the YouTube’s advanced search tools are beneficial to you to find the best content.

By inserting the “warp.swf” in the URL instead of watch, it directs you to “warp speed” mode.

YouTube advanced search features

YouTube is offering various advanced search tools for specific videos search. It helps you to get the right video that is relevant to your search.

The operators and the commands for the YouTube content search

YouTube has equipped with some advanced search filters which can deliver the top rated content that is exactly relevant to what you are looking or what you are searching for.

Sorting option – it helps you to fetch the results basing on the relevancy, date, views, and rating of a particular video.

Date frame –helps you to fetch the videos that are uploaded based on the recent week, month and day.

The result type feature helps you to get the best content basing on the channel, playlist, movies and shows, etc. you can search the things using some keywords like a movie name or playlist name.

Quality — basing on the quality types also, you can search for the best content with ease. It provides the search results basing on the HD, closed captioning, long form videos, creative commons, live broadcasts, etc.

Switching the search options on YouTube platform

• You can be active the filters by placing the commas while you are searching with some keywords in the search bar. Filters enable you to save the time and provide the right search results.

• You can include the plus symbol while searching the content on YouTube search bar. You can type like Justin biber+ Dance+ video type of phrase to get the relevant results.

• You can also filter the videos basing on the uploaded date and uploaded channel, playlist, etc. you can find the relevant search results for the same.

Use the no –default sorting options for your search for better results. You can also substitute any words. You can also get the results basing on the number of views on the sorting options.

• You can also utilize the “INTITLE” to force the word in the title of your video.

• You can also employ the comma for the particular YouTube search.

• Insert the word” partner” which can bring you the best

Third party searching tools

• There are many third party searching tools are available to find the best quality content across the web.

• You can use the fast search tool that helps you to play the right video next to your results.

• You can also create the playlist by dragging and dropping the videos from the results page.

• It the VideoWall creates a great canvas to the thumbnails which can be played by clicking on them.

• Cooliris is another third party tool that allows you to access from iPhones and PCs that helps you to search the best content on YouTube platform.

• You can just click on the thumbnails to play.

• The YouTube search in the Firefox Add-on helps you to search YouTube videos in its browser. The addon will suggest API and provides you the best suggestions on what you have entered or types in the search box.

• Video Surf is another third party tool that summarizes the YouTube videos, movies, shows, etc. by using this tool you can search the YouTube platform based on artists, actor, etc.

• It provides a simplified search and gives you the best content suggestions you can fetch from the YouTube platform.

Finally, enjoy fetching the right content from the ocean of videos.

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