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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube is the leading platform that is offering video content across varying genres. We can have videos (from YouTube) on subjects like politics, music, entertainment, movies, performances etc. No doubt YouTube proved itself as a reliable source of video content. Despite the creative work by creators on video, to augment the video content, an appropriate soundtrack is needed.

Introduction to YouTube Audio Library:

There was a lot of excitement when YouTube launched its audio library with comments such as the dream is delivered by Google appearing. Recognizing the power of music and the flavour that music can add to the video, YouTube came up with a novel concept of a free audio library. The library consists of many tracks across varying genres. The beautiful part of the story is that all these tracks are royalty-free and can use for any creative work. Another important aspect of the YouTube audio library is that the creator using the audio tracks is not required publishing his creation on YouTube (of course he can publish on YouTube as well).

Monetizing and Attributing your Video:

The creator is interested in monetizing his video and the first eligibility to do this is that the creator is required to own the content of this video. The commercial rights play the utmost important role, and the creator has to ensure that there is no infringement of commercial rights even if the video belongs to some third party. The best way to ensure that the video monetised; the creator must create the video by himself. For videos that are not created by him, one needs to obtain the commercial rights and also submit proper documentation in this regard to be eligible to monetise the video.


How to use YouTube Audio Library for your Videos:

YouTube has created its own audio library containing tracks of varying genres and as already mentioned these tracks are royalty free and can be used in any video. Originally there were 150000 tracks in the YouTube audio library but with a condition that the same can’t be remixed. To encourage users who want to do a bit more with music, YouTube launched its new variant i.e, royalty free music. YouTube is providing an opportunity to use their audio library and the procedure is very simple.

Step 1: Go to Creator Studio>Create>Audio library.

Step 2: The next step is to choose the free music tab and then the sound effects tab

Step 3: Download the soundtrack by clicking on ‘Download’

Step 4: Add the track to your favorites for future reference and/or use.

How to get your Music into YouTube Audio Library:

YouTube is maintaining restrictions on the entry of other music into its audio library. Many attempts from creators from all over the world could not ensure success for getting their music into YouTube audio library. It means that the YouTube has its policy to find and incorporate music tracks of its choice to include in its audio library. YouTube is yet to officially declare the terms of enabling entry of music tracks into their audio library. YouTube is the best opportunity for the new as well as the well-known musicians to market their videos.

Coming to the future of the YouTube audio library, it is a novel and innovative concept that supports the creativity of creators. YouTube coming from a world leader Search Engine Google can be expected to offer more and more innovative concepts in time to come. While encouraging creation, attribution YouTube is also obvious how to protect commercial rights on the content, and it shows YouTube’s commitment in this direction.

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