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The Ultimate Guide to Video Transcript

Video Transcript

Transcription is the text created by watching and listening to a video. Every word spoken in the video is typed out in transcription. Time codes are also added to each sentence so that it is known when the sentences are spoken.The complete guide to Video Transcript has been specified here.

Introduction to Video Transcript 

Video transcription is writing the content in the video in text form. This is important for SEO. By transcribing the videos, Google gets the information about the content of the video and this helps in getting high rank in search results. Since time codes are also added to the transcription, the videos will be played from the portion related to the search term is found in the transcribed text.

YouTube Video Transcription 

There are lots of companies online that are offering transcription services and people can hire those who accurately convert the video or audio digital files into text. The more proficient the transcriber is, the more he will charge. There is an inexpensive option for transcription of videos and this is YouTube video transcription.

YouTube automatically creates captions for YouTube videos if the audio is neat and easily understandable. To use the YouTube tool for transcription, first, upload the video to YouTube. The subtitles are automatically generated by YouTube for the video and these can be downloaded.

Already finished transcript can also be added to the YouTube videos. For this, go to the account -> My Video and choose the video. At the bottom left there is ‘Caption and Subtitles’ section. Choose it and upload the captions and subtitles file. Open the video in a browser and look for the CC button. Google speech recognition transforms the speech in the video into closed captions and pressing the CC button will display them on the video player.

Facebook Video Transcription 

Videos directly uploaded on Facebook get more impressions and these are auto-played on mobile phones and also on desktops silently. To give the user best experience and to optimise the videos on Facebook, video transcription will help. Using subtitles and closed captions help in reaching an audience of different languages.

Adding closed captions to Facebook is not difficult. Use some online site to generate SRT caption for the video. Download and save the file in SRT format. Rename the file to suit Facebook. First, upload video to Facebook. Choose the edit video option and go to add captions. Click on Choose file and upload the SRT file. Save the changes and now you can watch the video with captions.

Video Transcription Tools

Video transcription tools dictate the voice of a human and translate the speech into text. With the advancement of software, there is now no need to do the translation manually but it is done automatically. There are many transcription tools available online and few of them are InqScribe, HyperTranscribe, Listen N Write, EureScribe, MAXQDA, VoxSigma etc.

Video Transcription Trends 

Video transcription helps to make the online videos searchable and SEO friendly. Every business wants its online video to be accessed more and more by the people and the pressure is going on increasing to make them accessible. Adding captions to the video help the people find what they are looking for SEO of videos is improving with transcripts as the search engine knows what is there in the video and not just the title and tags of it.

Video transcription benefits in many ways. It increases search traffic, these rank higher in search results and it also increases engagement.  Another benefit with transcriptions is that the text transcription can be repurposed. Video transcription is also a way to improve the user experience.

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