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Video Analytics

Online streaming services are democratised and are a great way for consumers to watch on-demand videos and enjoy their favourite programs, such as TV Everywhere technology. Therefore, video analysis is becoming essential for service providers who wish to remain competitive and to understand better and satisfy customers.

A video analysis product to identify what appeals to users. So that, you can get a customer and maintain but also develop new sources of revenue. Using data gathered from these tests, you understand how a user consumes media and what they expect (or be expected in the future) an online video platform.

YouTube Video Analytics

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It would be crazy to miss out on such a reservoir of potential customers. All e-commerce vendors should use videos in its marketing strategy, as well as analyzes of range to track the performance of their YouTube campaigns.

Once you know the audience analysis for your videos, you can develop strategies to broaden the target of your videos and increase your sales. We collected ten of the best techniques to analyze and track the performance of your YouTube videos. Let’s go:

  1. Follow the Number of Views
  2. Discover the Origin Traffic
  3. Determine the Demographics of Your Audience
  4. Know Geographic Origin of Your Audience
  5. Pay Attention to Viewing Locations
  6. Analyze Your Audience Loyalty
  7. Follow the Number of Subscriptions
  8. Analyze Sharing on Social Networks
  9. Read and Respond to Comments
  10. Pay Attention to “like”, “I do not like” and Featured Favorites

Facebook Video Analytics

Facebook announced the deployment of new measurement tools for Pages publishers. They will allow them to measure the audience videos they publish on a daily basis.

Now they have a new segmentation that offers three types of measures: the total minutes of viewing a video on any given day; the number of times a video has been viewed a particular day; the number of times a video is watched for at least 10 seconds on a given day. In the latter case, if the video length is less than 10 seconds, the measurement will refer to the number of times it was viewed at least 97%.

This data is accessible from the Statistics page and in the library by clicking on the video in question. Facebook says they will also be integrated with the API stats shortly. (Eureka Press).

Thinking about how video is working on Facebook?

To settle on informed choices about utilizing video on Facebook, you need a decent comprehension of how your fans consume it.

Here you’ll find three approaches to analyze video posts on Facebook.

1: Compare Native Facebook Video Posts with the YouTube Video Posts

How about we begin by contrasting how videos posted locally with Facebook contrast and YouTube videos shared on Facebook. You need to check whether you get an execution help by presenting locally on Facebook and provided that this is true, how much.

2: Look at Video Posts vs. Photo Posts

On the off chance that you take a gander at the Post Stories engagement metric, photographs performed also to Facebook native videos. Nonetheless, when you get to the achieve measurements; Facebook’s video stage beat photographs by a substantial margin.

3: Evaluate Long and Short Video

Take a gander at the videos presented locally on Facebook. This permits you to see play-time information, notwithstanding the Consumption, Stories, and Reach data, and also to discover the Avg amount of the videos individuals watched.

Twitter Video Analytics

Twitter has launched a beta version of a Promoted Video program a long time ago, which gives publicists the capacity to run video content utilising the Cost Per View (CPV) advertisement purchasing model, and also another arrangement of video investigation apparatuses. It’s accessible to choose content distributors and checked clients.

The new component develops Twitter Amplify, which permits brands to augment their social TV discussions with in-tweet video clasps and constant double screen organisations.

“By utilizing Promoted Video simple for brands to transfer and disseminate video on Twitter. To gauge the span and adequacy of this substance,” composed David Regan, Twitter’s senior item chief for TV and video, in a blog entry declaring the project.

Native Player Video Analytics

Analytics permit you to perceive how users are locked in with your products and services. Native Player Video Analytics can give bits of knowledge into how viewers are devouring content and what they find captivating. Whether you utilise video as your essential business or to bolster your business, Native Player Video Analytics permit you to perceive how clients communicate with your products and can be utilised to develop your user base.

Video Analytics Platforms

For business or organizations working to create or keep up an effective online video analytics, an online video stage can ease the difficulties of planning, delivering and adapting online video streaming content. These difficulties just turn out to be more troublesome as customers generally expect better looking, higher performing online video experience on any gadgets or any devices, anyplace.

Here are some of the Video Analytics Platforms

Bright Cove







Video Analytics Market Statistics

Based on various applications, the video analytics business sector is divided into video indexing, individual’s acknowledgement, episode discovery, tag acknowledgement, object acknowledgement, cross-camera following, and movement observing applications. The report additionally gives data relating to various end-clients, for example, private, business, modern, transportation and logistics, human services, neighbourliness and instruction industry. The report intends to give an exhaustive, cross-sectional examination of the video analytics market crosswise over major topographical fragments, for example, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Video analytics performs different undertakings, for example, examination of pre-recorded video for the extraction of information or occasions from recorded video, and constant investigation with the end goal of moment recovery of events of interest as they happen.

Video Analytics Market Analysis Applications

● Video Indexing

● Object Recognition

● License Plate Recognition

● People Recognition

● Incident Detection


Seeing how your audience collaborates with video is the key development to successful promoting. With Video Analytics, you can make certain that your videos look awesome as well as convey brilliant marketing results. What’s more, the result dependably relies on upon how well you comprehend viewers’ inclinations and utilizes this insight to make truly captivating video content.

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