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The Ultimate Guide to Periscope Producer for Live Streaming

Periscope Producer

Everyone will have the idea of Periscope, and it has been provided with periscope producer to make amendments while live streaming. Live streaming is the latest trend and there are many services for live streaming available online. The latest to join the competition is the Periscope Producer introduced by Twitter. This service allows broadcasting high quality professional live video made with Xbox One, external cameras, virtual reality headsets, webcam or other devices.

Periscope live streaming application had announced by the microblogging platform Twitter”, which breaks into the app market as the rival to the Meerkat application. These live streaming applications are creating a new trend in advertising, marketing, branding as well as in education system too.The live streaming application Periscope was very useful for the students who cannot be able to get education from certain locations.

What is Periscope Producer?

Periscope that was launched earlier allowed live broadcasting only from the mobile phone. Now the opportunities for broadcasting are broadened as Periscope introduced Periscope Producer service that allows sharing new types of live video. High-level video created in streaming software, professional cameras, twitter of Periscope can broadcast now. This live streaming can watch There is also the possibility to send comments. Periscope if testing this tool since the last six weeks and the partners for this were ABC, Telemundo, Fox and CBS. Now the Periscope Producer will be available to more organisations and individuals. Encoding software and hardware need to be used by the producers to link their cameras feed with Periscope. This is expecting to increase the number of professionals and brands that are going to use Periscope for live streaming.

Advantages of Periscope Producer

Periscope Producer, the new tool for live streaming does not stop at the live streaming content shot with mobile phones or tabs. This sophisticated tool allows producing and sharing high-quality live video content to broadcast. Professional cameras or any streaming software can be used to produce the video. The reach of Periscope and Twitter is going to expand the use of this new tool. Periscope is now not limited to amateur content alone.

Not only live video can be shot with the variety of devices, but the producers can now add animation, graphics, and advertisements to their live video content. These things have to be added manually to the stream as Periscope does not offer these features.

The organisations or producers who want to use Periscope Producer first have to sign up for the services. A streaming link then can be generated which needs to enter in their equipment app profile settings. A preview will be available to see, and when the recording begins, it can share with everyone. Visible replies and feedback features will be available.

Specifications and Hardware Support of Periscope Producer

Periscope Producer, the new sophisticated tool can now is used to broadcast high-quality live video. Third party encoders and hardware can be used to produce the video and get a polished look to the live video content.

To use Periscope Producer, first, the encoders need to be configured to exact specifications of Periscope Producer. Go to the settings page and choose Advances Sources. RTMP server and stream name can viewed which are required to be input in the encoder and the device. Then start the external stream broadcasting, preview the video and give a title to it. The encoders and devices that are already tested for Periscope Producer live streaming are OBS Mac Version 0.14.2, Wirecast Mac 7.0.1, FFMpeg and FMLE Windows 7 and Teradek and so on. It is also possible to contact Periscope for information of devices that are not listed.

Periscope Producer specifications are like this –

• 30 fps frame rate

• 64 audio bitrates

• 2 key frame interval

• 800 kbps bitrate

• 960 x 540 default resolution that gives limited buffering viewing experience

• Specs can be increased to 1280 x 720 resolution and 900 kbps for news or conference events. The video quality can be monitored based on the comments of the audience.


Here is the ultimate guide for Periscope how to Use Periscope, Advantages of using Periscope in Live streaming. If you would like to use periscope for Live Streaming it require some specification, we have listed it above.

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