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The Ultimate Guide to Native Video Advertising

Native Video Advertising

Many businesses consider video advertising as the effective medium for creating brand awareness and increase conversions.There are two types of video ads and these are pre-roll and native video ads.Pre-roll video ads are forced on users before they open a webpage etc.Native video ads are click to play.The user can decide whether they want to watch it or not. These appear blending in the social media feeds of the user.

What is Native Video Advertising

Native video advertising is an effective way to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Native videos that combine smoothly with the social media feed give customers the choice to click them or not.These do not cause any interruption to the user experience.Pre-roll ads are short and native video ads can be of any length and the advertiser can provide all the information that the customer may be looking for.

Mobile Native Video Advertising 

Mobile native video advertising is growing year by year.It is thus necessary for every marketer to know how to take advantage of this. These are the advertisements that play automatically and silently until the user wants to see it and interacts with it.The users are not disturbed by these advertisements within a selected app.  Native video ads perform better than the other format of mobile advertisements. This might be because native videos engage the customers more.

To create engaging mobile native video ads, one has to follow some tips.  The attention span is less on smaller devices such as mobiles and things like placing an over-sized call to action button can help to attract number of viewers.

Native Video Advertising Trends

Native video ads are very popular and in the future also the popularity is likely to continue to rise.  The trends in native video advertising might include concentrating more on the headline to gain the attention of the viewers.The value in headlines will influence the viewers to know more about it. Brands will work more with media to create content that can be used on external and internal platforms. Users play a key role in making a video advertising success or failure as they want high-quality content. Native video advertising is going to become a more popular trend for its benefits.

Native Video Advertising ROI

There is no doubt the video is more effective in engaging customers than any other content. Native videos, however, cost much to the brands compared to pre-roll ads. This is because native videos are longer than the pre-roll ads, of high quality and are original.The success rate of native video advertising is higher than the traditional strategies.Thus, these should get double the ROI than pre-roll ads. But native ads are proved to generate much higher brand list than pre-roll ads.Native video advertising witnesses rise in sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn etc.Marketers thus must make investments to make quality content and be sure that it is going to get cash in several times over.

Native Video Advertising Market Statistics 

Most of the marketers have native video advertising on their sites and few are planning to offer them and only ten percent of them do not have plans to introduce it.According to studies in the US, fifty-seven percent of publishers take customer engagement and time spent on ads to measure the success.Eighty-one percent of marketers have faith on native video advertisers to increase viewer engagement. Native ads are proved to influence the consumer to purchase the products by eighteen percent more.Engagement rates with native ads are more by around thirty-nine percent and the rate by which the viewers completely watch the ad is also higher.

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