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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Video Advertising


No one has left without knowing about the mobile as it is the daily usage device. The video usage on it is usually more than we expect. Most of the video advertisers are choosing this platform to explore their brand by launching the mobile video advertisements.

Mobile video advertising

Most of the users are clutching towards the mobile usage and the browsing through this device will hold less data usage.

For example, the YouTube plays a vital role in holding the mobile users than any other device. Along with the video that has been placed in the YouTube channel the video ads have been merged.

These may be in-stream, pre-roll and post-roll ads. Through the successful launch of mobile video advertising, the ROI will be rapidly increased.

The audience involvement in sharing the video will drain huge engagement.

Mobile Video Advertising Platforms


YouTube mobile app with the advanced features has stolen the plenty of users and this has billions of users by spending most of the time to watch videos. On this, the advertisers can place in-stream ads or skippable ads.


The best feature on the Facebook is the auto play ads which are being played with the scroll of a Facebook profile of the user. As it has more than a billion users everyone will be directed to view the video ad displayed. This can evaluate one’s brand in very less time.


Most of the advertisers are much familiar with this in-app video advertising app. The rare offer of Vungle Premium will provide the benefits of gathering ultra-tools to reach the audience which in return makes customers.


Most of the mobile apps and games will prioritize the NativeX, especially for mobile video advertising. It can support different types of ad formats that are being designed by the video advertisers by forecasting the analytics that makes the huge revenue.

Mobile Video Ad Formats

Since now we have discussed the mobile video advertising but in that, we have different categories which are being rolled to grab the audience attention.

In-stream video ads:

These ads most worthy ads which guarantee to engage the ad with a huge audience. These ads are of again different types like pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll which can gain the higher click through rate. These ads can be played before, after or middle of the original video while playing.

Banner ads:

From the name of these ads, we can say that these ads will explore the brand and these are mentioned with a specific title at the top or bottom of the screen where the ads are displayed. These can be viewed by expanding the mobile screen.

Native video ads:

With the involvement of these ads, the audience will never feel that they are watching the ads and these seem like interesting to watch as the native video that has been placed. The native video ad will definitely blow the brand name at the targeted audience.

Rewarded video ad:

These types of video ads are most demandable in the video advertising platforms. To engage these ads with plenty of audiences they will be offered with some incentives like gifts coupons or vouchers which give some entertainment to watch those ads.

Interstitial Ads:

These ads will roll around the screen of the mobile when the particular app is closed or loading to open. This has the special feature like ‘call-to-action’ which can hook up the audience in real time.

Mobile Video Advertising Trends

  • VR 360 degree advertising is going to be the viral and challenging concept for video advertisers while launching ads.
  • Location based advertising is the key concept to blast the brand at the relevant audience.
  • Video optimization will be huge demanded as to make different formats of video ads.
  • Huge expectations on ROI can be predicted though it has the more than they expect.
  • Mobile gaming is the most focusable world to bombard the video ads which establish the brand awareness among the gaming players.

Global Mobile Video Advertising Statistics

  1. The global investment for video advertising on mobile is $592.43 billion.
  2. $189.06 spent on mobile video advertising just only in the US.
  3. By comparing the overall ad budget the only through mobile it’s getting 22.3% of Global income.
  4. In the category of Global mobile video ad market, the Google and Facebook are showing upper hands by being in 2/3rd place.
  5. The click through rate for the in-app mobile ads is 0.56%.
  6. The ad revenue of Facebook only through mobile is 53% which is unbelievable.
  7. The world’s number one trading country China has spent $22.14 billion on mobile ads.
  8. The UK is in the next place to spend much on mobile video ads i.e. $7.24 billion.


This article will define the role of mobile video advertising in the present and future era. This path will be in reaching peak position without any fluctuations. The placing of a mobile video ad is the best thought to boom the brand at the audience.

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