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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads

What are Facebook Canvas Ads?

Mobile advertising till now was limited to banner ads and pop-ups but Facebook introduced canvas ads which as instant ads that appear in the news feed. Facebook canvas ads are only available on mobile but not on the desktop. It is straightforward to create Canvas Ads as tools are provided by Facebook to create them. While scrolling down, the user can see the canvas in the newsfeed, and if they click them, the mobile screen will be completely taken over by the brand content. If the user wants to click out of the advertisement, he can do so at any moment.

Specs and requirements

Facebook provides tools for the user to create Canvas ads. For this, you need to access the publishing tools. Choose the canvas option, Select the create option, and a screen will appear where you have to enter the title of the canvas add Enter the theme, photo, and button. You can add a video, text, photo or product set. Click on ok and add them to the canvas.

You can choose the colour, Images that added to the Canvas ads must be full width, and full height images and the sizing options available are fit to width and fit to height. Supported image file types of .png and .jpg. Users can enter text up to 500 words in the canvas ad. Font size can choose between 6-72 pt. The letters can align with left, centre or right. Bold, italic, and underline font styles are available. You can preview the ad you created on Canvas on mobile or tablet and make necessary changes if needed.

Video Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook video ads run automatically when scrolling down. Facebook allows you to add video to Canvas ads. The minimum resolution of the video should be 720 p. Let your video length be two minutes and not more than that. The formats that are allowed are MP4 and MOV. More than one video can include in the ad format, but the total length of the video must not be more than 2 minutes.

Facebook has many active users who access the platform on mobile and bringing your product or service to these section of Facebook users is easier with video canvas ads. This new platform can be accessed on tablets and mobile also. Let your video ads be novel and interesting to help engage the audience. You can add a button to the ads to direct the users to your product page or webpage or blog. Fully utilise the storytelling opportunities and make your mobile marketing a great success as these are highly visual and engaging.

Facebook Canvas Ads Tips

• Create Facebook ads with interesting videos and this is sure to increase conversion. Facebook ads are very slow to load but the canvas ads load within seconds on mobile. This helps to connect with audience within no time.

• This visual feature will keep the consumers engaged.

• Add product catalogs to your ads in the form of images or videos. This helps for the brand promotion and increases leads.

• Use video canvas ads for website conversion campaigns.


These are like any other mobile ads, but when the users tap the video they can experience the full-screen ads, the users can tilt, zoom the images. This feature is a fast loading ad feature which can be used effectively for marketing purpose. Overall canvas ads allow you to present the mobile viewers with the miniature version of your website. This feature of Facebook will help a lot in boosting brand awareness and generating leads.

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