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The Ultimate Guide to do Dailymotion Live Streaming

Dailymotion Live Streaming

Dailymotion is one of the most popular platforms across the web which is famous for its good quality video content. The platform has windows phone application which delivers the video content to the small screen. It was updated with the latest version that supports the live streaming. The live streaming has great demand today as the marketers to individuals prefer to get connected with one another with live streams. So the platform has launched its new live streaming support. It is a highly reliable platform which can deliver the high definition content with 1080 pixels quality output in live streaming.

Guide to living streaming on Dailymotion

Live streaming on the daily motion is not so difficult if you follow these steps to reach your things.

• Upload the video to your channel account with some 30 seconds length

• Then go to the video page and click on the edit button which is present at the top left corner where the video player can be seen.

• Click on to the pencil type of icon that was present below the player.

• Just scroll down and expand the live preferences by just clicking on to the arrow that was next to the title section

• Select the live option from the radial menu

• Choose the setting for your live streaming like starting time and duration

• Click on save button to save your preferences.

• Record the server and stream name and setup the encoder and get configure the encoders video and audio stream settings

• Enter your server address that was provided to you along with the name of the stream to the encoder.

• Start the encoding software and push your stream

For more details Checkout this Dailymotion Live Tutorial.

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