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The Ultimate Guide to Blab for Business Marketing

Blab for Business Marketing

What is a Blab?

Blab is a type of social conferencing platform which allows the users to run some shows and events. It is a live video platform with different features that are very helpful for the audience. It is revealed that an average user watches nearly 65 minutes daily in watching blabs. Blab was just like Periscope and Meerkat applications which are in the live streaming world. The live conversations can be taken place across the Blab in which the broadcast can be viewed by the subscribers. It is very simple and can be very useful also for the marketers online. The real-time interactions with the audience as increased in the online internet marketing today. So, marketers are approaching different online live video streaming platforms to make it as their business medium for interacting with the customers as well as to build good community across the web.

How to get connected with Blab services

• Blab can be signup using the Twitter account and it is the only way to sign up with Blab platform. Even the email address and other social media also cannot be used to sign up with Blab.

• Get authorize Blab to utilize your account.

• Wait for some time to redirect the Blab and get started with the new blab.

• Separate tabs will be provided for the on Air scheduling and the Replays. The tags can also be seen commonly that is generally used to associate the blabs.

• You can customize the blab with the default picture on your Twitter account

• Watch and learn the things easily and one can navigate towards the Blab dashboard before starting. Get familiarize.

• Start receiving the notifications from the people you have subscribed. In order to start a new Blab just click on to the purple button near the profile picture. Provide a catchy title to your Blab. You can also schedule and promote the Blabs and can also add participants.

How to use Blab for business 

• The marketers can utilize the Blab to showcase the new products and also can promote the products using the Blab video streams.

• They can also utilize the Blab for the live customer service from the company.

• Marketers can also approach the audience with the new question and answer sessions on Blab platform.

• Discuss and host the events on the blab platform for better promotion.

• Conduct some surveys with some useful information for the people online

• Grab the attention of the customers with live testimonial videos and interact with them to get connected.

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