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The Ultimate Guide to Advanced YouTube Search

Advanced YouTube Search

YouTube advanced search will be useful to find the perfect video in search results. So that the YouTuber can make the videos required for audience.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and is offering one of the largest platforms for video hosting. The channel can obtain unique visitors of more than a billion every month, and the number of videos uploaded is more than 100 hours of video every minute. The library of YouTube is the largest and is still growing.

The largest collection requires more sophisticated search criteria (both for the seller and buyer). The seller has to find out the video to update the same, and the buyer wants the video so that he can take a purchase decision based on the video provided to him. The best methodology to find out the relevant and required video (from the large mass of collection) is the SEO.

YouTube Advanced Search Filters:

One of the best methods to find out the required video is searching the video based on the type – whether HD video, or a movie, or a 3D movie. Another method is searching for the videos based on the length, playlists, specific time limit etc.

Use the advanced search in Video Manager:

From the largest collection of videos, you need to pull out just one video that is matching the ‘set’ criteria. For easy retrieval of the required video, there is a procedure which is as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Sign in your YouTube and go to the dashboard. 2) On the ‘uploads’ page, activate the drop-down menu on the ‘search uploads’ box.

Some of the advanced search operators on YouTube include:

• Before: After Date search that will return videos uploaded in between those dates.

• Title: searches the video based on the contents of the title.

• Tag: This will show up videos using the mentioned tag.

• Length>, length>=, length=, length<=, length< returns the videos according to the mentioned length (duration in seconds).

There are much more advanced search operators on YouTube.

Advanced YouTube Search Tips and Tricks:

YouTube is offering many tools to search for the specific video. Some of the handy tools include search based on:

• Relevancy

• Upload date

• Rating

View count

There are advanced search filters like:

• Subject category

• Video quality

• Video length

• Features (including closed captions etc)

• Type of results – whether videos, channels or playlists.

Another professional method of searching for the required video involves using certain other tools as below:

i) Use “site” to get videos only from a particular platform.

ii) Use quotes (“) to get the exact match of the videos that you are looking for.

iii) Use plus (+) to force a word in the results and add additional phrase for including in the search.

iv) Use “INTITLE” operator to force any word to appear in the video title.

v) Use comma (,) for specific YouTube search.

vi) Use hyphen (-) to exclude some words/phrases from the search criteria.

vii) You can specify the “start time” showing only the specific content in the mentioned video (that shows the content from the mentioned time).

viii) Use the word “partner” to show the original video without any parodies.

ix) Use the word “movie” in search criteria to find out only movies.


Despite the fact that YouTube contains the largest collection of videos and the contributions to this channel showing huge growth. (there are nearly 40 hours of videos uploaded every minute) here are many more filters, tips and tricks and also operators that enable the user (either the seller, creator, buyer or the viewer) to retrieve the exact video from this mass collection.

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