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The Social Video Best Practices Handbook

Social Video Handbook

Social video has become the most important part in video advertising today. So, one must have a basic knowledge about the utilization of the social video on different social platforms. Here is a handbook for the social video usage.

Best practices for Facebook video

Facebook audiences are habituated to watch different entertaining videos and it is very difficult to the marketers to reach the audience with the business videos. In order to know about the best way or practices to be implemented for social video on Facebook is as follows.

Facebook video can reach up to 30 percent and whereas the embedded video that was taken from the other platforms has comparatively very less engagement. Auto-play video ads are also available for the native video uploaders only. So go native and upload native videos on Facebook.

Don’t waste time just to upload the videos one by one. Target the content by optimizing the video. Make a compelling video with a new thumbnail. The video must be interesting whether it is an autoplay video ad or it might be another ad. Just optimize your video and go on. Always focus on the first few seconds and impress the viewers with relevant content which helps you to deliver the best.

Best practices for YouTube video

Understand the Youtube audience; the first thing you have to do is to understand the audience basing on your niche. It is better to understand the audience and create the content that is engaging to them. Focus where your audience spends most of their time.

Plan it for mobile, Majority of the successful social video user’s drives engagement through mobile devices. More than 68 percent youtube users are watching video content on mobile devices. So it is one of the best practices to reach the youtube audience.

Create short-form videos; don’t go for long-form video content unless you can make it impressive, innovative and informative to the audience. Try shoppable videos to increase the conversion leads.

Best practices for Twitter video

Every social platform has its own strengths when it is focused in the marketer point of view. Twitter platform and a LinkedIn platform is more professional social media forums that are very important for a B2B marketer. Native video rules on twitter platform just like Facebook. The native video uploads have great importance than the embedded video links on the platform. Twitter offers the best way to reach the audience basing on the geo-targeting and demographics targeting.

Best practices for Instagram video

Social video strategy without planning can’t be able to reach the targeted audience in one shot. It requires better planning to drive the social video engagement. The first thing you need to know about your business is what makes you unique on the platform. Have to go in that point of view to reach the targeted users. Instagram is famous for its attractive visuals. So make it eye capturing that drives better engagement. Follow major updates about the Instagram platform like video views, new logo, new time stamp etc. tracks the trends and pan the future social video across the platform.

Best Practices for Mobile video

Mobile was ruling the social video strategies. Every marketer has to target the mobile devices to reach the audience. Make sure your social video is compatible with the mobile and other devices. Compatibility is very important to deliver your video. Whatever platform you chose the Best Practices for Instagram Video must be fit playing on different devices with ease.

10 Best practices for social

  1. Know what your audiences are expecting from you.
  2. Maintain consistent uploads.
  3. Be unique and deliver the best quality video content
  4. Be relevant
  5. Follow analytics
  6. Connect with the people on multiple platforms.
  7. Follow separate strategy for every social platform.
  8. Optimize for mobile devices
  9. Promote your video with cross-platform promotions
  10. Drive the audience with interesting and useful content.


All these above ways cover the tips to follow while going with the social video across different social media platforms online. Follow these tips or ways and generate good conversions with your social video.

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