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The Secret Strategies Behind any YouTube Viral Video


The video is a powerful medium, and it provides many opportunities to connect with the audience. By telling meaningful stories, it is easy to build the audience and engage them. YouTube is the largest search engine after Google, and people like, comment and share the videos on YouTube and making easy for the videos to go viral.

Some videos on YouTube go viral, and many of us wonder how the videos are getting so many views? People always want to know how the videos go viral.

What makes people share particular video?

If the content of the video is powerful, people will share the videos. The content which is powerful and meaningful is more likely to be shared by the people. The videos should contain something that your viewers will be able to relate to it. People share the videos if the content is humorous, positive, emotions, cheerful, interesting, informative, motivating or trendy. People are more likely like, comment or share the videos. Do not create the video content just for the sake of creating. Understand and analyze the goal of the video and create content for the target audience. If the content is good, it helps in lead generation and also helps in sales increase.

Create valuable content and target the right audience. Create content which helps the viewers to solve their problems.

Keyword Research

Using the correct keyword helps the search engine to rank the YouTube videos higher. Right keywords help to stay at the top of page one. Though YouTube is powerful, it cannot check the audio in the video, and so we have to provide the list of keywords and phrases related to the video to the search engines.

Use Right Keywords in the Title

Using the right keywords in the title adds value to the video. Try using words like new, official and others in the title as these words help to draw attention. Other equally powerful words that can be included in the title are the DIY, Free, Tutorial, How to etc.

Videos for mobile devices

More and more people are accessing video content on mobile devices. More than half of the YouTube videos watched by the people on mobile devices. Thus, the creators are optimizing their video for mobile devices.

Writing the video description

Writing the perfect video description is important for SEO. The description should be at least three hundred words and should contain the important keywords and phrases. The keywords should be related to your product, brand, and industry. Also, add video links related to the content. Also, add a link and invite the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Research the optimal length for the videos

If you observe the viral videos, you can see that these are on the short side. If the video is short, the audience is more likely to watch the entire video. However, the length of the video should depend on the purpose and amount of the content. If the type of video is tutorial or testimonial, let it be short and sweet. Direct your viewers who are interested in detailed information to other videos using links in the description.

Customer trust

Building customer trust is important to make the YouTube videos go viral. The key to winning the customer trust is to provide them with the relevant information at the right time. Help the viewers learn the updates and latest happenings related to your industry and technology.

Concentrating and paying special attention to simple things such as keywords, phrases, descriptions, etc. you can make the videos go viral.

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