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The Science of Engaging Your Facebook Audience using Video

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Many of us may have doubts about using Facebook video and wonder if these add value to the business. Facebook videos are easy to view and share. When these shared, it gives the great opportunity for the brands to engage the customers and generate leads. Here are few tips following which can help in engaging the audience with videos.

To engage the audience with Facebook video, offer new information in each of your videos. The viewers will then watch and share your videos which help for the promotion of the brand. Fans can engaged with the repurposed content. Upload your old video again, or a YouTube video or you can also read out and record the content published in your blogs. In this way, there will be no need to create new video, and the efforts you put in creating the older video will not waste.

Embed the Facebook video on your website or blog or the YouTube video on Facebook. Both of these can increase traffic to your website and also the Facebook page. Facebook videos can create a call to action button. This button usually placed at the end of the video. Define the goal of your video and find a suitable call to action button.

To increase viewer engagement add a feature video on your Facebook page. This will increase visibility. The feature video can contain the details of an upcoming event in the organisation, announcing the winners of a recent competition held or the discounts offered by the company.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your Facebook videos is to create a Facebook video playlist. When the video tab clicked, the viewer can see all the videos uploaded by you. You can also group your videos into categories which make searching easier for the fans.

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