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The Next 5 Big Things in Video Advertising

Video Advertising Trends

Video advertising took over the industry, and it made a mark in digital marketing. Digital video ad revenue is going to reach few million. Marketers getting many benefits from digital video advertising and these include capturing the attention of consumers, standing out from the crowd and so on.

1. Marketers are now aware that consumers are using the mobile device such as tablets and smartphones for watching the online video ads. Video consumption on these devices is likely to grow in the coming days. They are now using Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to sponsor in-feed video ads and mobile ad formats.

2. Vertical video is going to be the next big thing in video advertising. Advertisers are giving importance to the vertical video due to its convenience. The viewers need not rotate their mobile phones to watch these videos.

3. Multi-screen video advertising is going to be the next big thing in video advertising. Viewers are accessing online content on multiple devices, and multiscreen video advertising lets the marketers target audience on multiple devices such as the tablet, laptop and PC. Multi-screen video advertising will enhance engagement and increases reach.

4. Virtual reality campaigns are the next big thing in video advertising. There are many reasons for this. The viewers immerse in content and can pay attention to the message the ad delivers. These ads are impactful, memorable and novel. Big brands are now using virtual reality technology to create successful video campaigns.

5. Programmatic TV is the exciting advancement in video advertising. Digital video advertising can be delivered to the consumer through TVs.

Users now want the video advertisements to be brief and convenient. They simply ignore those ads that do not capture their attention. Brands thus should create relevant and engaging videos to improve conversions, retentions and brand awareness.


The above mentioned all phrases will define in which way the video advertising is going to be in the upcoming days. If you read this article and if you are video advertiser then this information might be helpful to launch the successful video campaign by choosing the trending platforms.

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