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The Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnail is the major effecting thing in attracting the audience. So we need to concentrate while picking up the thumbnail. Thumbnails can be said as marketing posters for your videos on YouTube. These play a critical role in getting the attention of the people and drive them to watch the video. When the thumbnail is clear and eye-catching, people are more likely to click the play button of the video, and this is not the case if the thumbnail is unclear and blurry.

YouTube Thumbnail – Do’s

The text colour of the thumbnail should be different from the background, and the text should be easily readable by the viewers. Thumbnails are like book covers, and these should show what is there in the video. Check if the thumbnails resolution is 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080 or not. If it is, there will be no black bars on either side of the image. Include the product image, brand image or the face of you to add a personal touch and connect well with the viewers. Create thumbnails that are clear, bight, visually compelling and those which represent the content of the video.

Custom thumbnails for YouTube can be created by using editing software. You can resize the image, adjust the brightness and contrast etc. Preview the video thumbnail to see if it appears good on the site. Use the same thumbnail for all the videos in your channel for branding and the audience will connect with your videos.

YouTube Thumbnail Don’ts

Do not use dark colors in thumbnails as these are not clearly visible to the viewers and they cannot understand what is happening in the video. The text on thumbnails must be big enough so that the viewers can read it.


Creating a YouTube thumbnail is not a very difficult task, but having an attention to grab thumbnail will work great for branding and increases click through. The above content gives you the excellent guide to Do’s and don’t do’s of YouTube Thumbnails.

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