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The Art of Storytelling on YouTube


Storytelling is a popular form of entertainment for humans since ages. The rapid changes in the world did not make the storytelling disappear but it is now moved to a new venue.

Storytelling has taken many shapes and forms from oral, writer and narratives form. When telling a story the content is not always important but how it is presented.

People express themselves through different outlets such as photography, writing, art and the latest to join the list is YouTube video.

Storytelling on YouTube is also becoming widely accessible.

When YouTube was launched more than a decade ago, it was not expected that it would change the way people access the internet video.

YouTube is now one of the largest video sharing and video watching platforms and there are over billion users.

YouTube is the right place for the young adults to share their story to educate, educate and to inspire.

We can find unique storytellers and filmmakers telling their own stories on the rising platform which is YouTube.

The concept of the videos of these people may vary but the common thing is that they are taking storytelling to new levels.

Many filmmakers took to YouTube to start their career in small format. YouTube helps in building a portfolio and to gain an audience. This is also a great place for the brands to tell their story.

Here is how brands can tell their story and succeed on YouTube.

• The content of the video should be authentic and useful.

• Understand the interest of the audience and then create content around it. Being relevant is important.

• User generated content is the most popular kind of video on YouTube.

• Find the influencers and YouTube partners in the niche.

• Interact with the audience and subscribers. Ask them questions to find what they expect from you.

• Have a call to action in the video. Simply expecting the engagement will not do any good you have to ask for it. Direct the audience to do what you want them to do after watching your story.

• Use social media channels also to communicate with the audience.

• Publish the content regularly to avoid losing the audience.

What are the popular storytelling genres for brands on YouTube?

Brands can adapt these native genre brands and YouTube for content success.

Unboxing is one of the popular genres for storytelling on YouTube. P.O box is a new genre started by bloggers.

The Vloggers are sent commercial samples and free products and they create videos opening the parcel. Other genres include how to videos, challenges, questions and answers, reviews etc.

The best ads are those that tell great stories created by brands that know that sharing worthy stories in the key to gain the attention of the consumers. The art of storytelling on YouTube is paying a major role in content marketing.

Here is way storytelling is important for brands

• By creating story based promotional content, the brands can create an impression that sits in the hearts of the audience.

• With the storytelling technique, the message to be delivered can be made unique. Include the facts, figures and feature and the story will set you apart and if the story is original it cannot be copied by others.

• Stories create connections. They are more likely to be shared by the followers and subscribers.

Storytelling on YouTube allows every to relate to the story. Video storytelling is cost effective.

Remember, the good storytelling examples are the ones that make the audience cry, laugh, make you angry or make you thing.

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