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The 10 Commandments of Video Marketing Success

Video Marketing Success

Video marketing is one of the important features of digital marketing. When a video is used for product or service promotion online, is helps for the business growth.  Search engine ranking will also improve.  Conversion rates will boost If a product is demonstrated through video.

One of the best platforms for video marketing is YouTube. Developing the brand can be accomplished by successful video marketing.  It is powerful and increase business and is also cost effective. Here are the ten golden rules that help for the success of the video and improves ranking and brand growth.

1.    Conduct market research and gather consumer insights and identify the most searched keywords and phrases.  Use these keywords in the title of the video. Doing this helps gain higher ranking.

2.    Do not forget to use the word video in your title. When consumers search for a service or product they use the word video to see a visual description.

3.    Allow users to comment, share and give feedback.  Do not neglect to give a reply to the comments and reviews of the consumers.

4.    To get more hits for your marketing video, share it on your company Facebook page and other blogs and sites.

5.    Thumbnails are very crucial in grabbing the attention of the viewers.  Use a thumbnail the describes the content of your video.

6.    Do not stop after publishing a video.  If your video is interesting, the consumers would like to see more videos from you.

7.    Try to increase views of your idea to appear on the first page of the search engine results.

8.    Make your marketing videos short and sweet. Long and dragging videos take away the interest of the viewers.

9.     Use your videos to explain to the viewers how to use your product as most viewers would like to learn from watching.

10.    Use graphics at right places to increase the effect.

Commandments of Video Marketing Success

The video is worth of many million words.Large numbers of people watch videos online every day.Video marketing thus became one of the important tools for brand promotion and increasing conversion. There are few things that people have to follow to stand out from all the online videos.

1. Studies proved that the length of online video plays a crucial role in the success of video marketing. The videos that watched until the end are only 30 seconds long, and these should not be more than 3.5 minutes. Size does matter when it comes to online video marketing success.

2. However, good the quality of video content is people have to find it in an online search. Boosting the video visibility in Google search can be achieved with the use of pertinent keyword for the marketing video.

3. Don’t center your videos on sale but the story. There are heaps of marketing videos online, and the customers find it annoying to watch them. So your marketing video must be appealing and unique, and it should not only concentrate on selling the products and services. Place calls to action at the end of the video and sees that it fits your story.

4. Studies suggest that the first ten seconds of the marketing video are important to get the attention of the viewers. Hood their attention by asking questions, conveying the message, etc. at the beginning of the video.

5. For a video to become a success, it should be shared by the viewers. For this, the marketing video must draw viewers with quizzes, surveys, etc.

6. Use your marketing videos to build relationships with the customers. The customers then wait to watch your new videos.

7. Product description videos or videos that show how to use the product are more popular with the customers. Marketing videos with tutorials can inspire potential customers to buy the products.

8. Make your videos shareable.

9. People now are spending more time watching videos online on their mobiles and so make your marketing video mobile-friendly.

10. Put your marketing videos on your website and also in your marketing videos for boosting engagement.

A marketing video made professionally engages the customers more so if budget permits, hire a professional.

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