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Exclusive Interview with Tarun Gambhir – Head of Strategic Partnerships Streamlyn



Tarun Gambhir Exclusive Interview with Tarun Gambhir – Head of Strategic Partnerships Streamlyn.

Streamlyn is a publisher programmatic media agency located at Singapore, India

Tell me something about your company Streamlyn ?

Streamlyn is a Publisher programmatic media agency headquartered in Valley point, Singapore.

Our company was founded on the principles of hard work and integrity providing honest, high-quality services to all our clients.We help small and medium scale publishers grow from Ground Zero and make them realise the value of their asset. The focus relies on better inventory monetisation and yield optimisation along with transparent reporting.

Why is Programmatic video the future of Video Advertising?

The main reason behind the popularity of video advertising in the industry is the increase of supply sources aka content makers which led the exponential increase in the programmatic video as well. In the past two years, budget spends on video bumped from $620 million to $2.90+ billion. The advertisers are now specific about the audience they are going to buy through the digital channel. Which led the growth of programmatic video as in through programmatic video there are lots of granular targeting available now. like specific ideal demographics, targeting the user by DMA, county, city, zip code, congressional district, geofence and even fewer DSP’s can target user as per weather conditions etc. which made the advertisers shift their budgets from traditional video to programmatic video.

Fewer other aspects leading to the growth of programmatic video are multi-channel evolution of video suppliers/publishers, better targeting, evolution of smart TV’s.

What to expect in the near future about Programmatic video?

The future is quite unexpected in digital advertising and by looking at the evolution of Ad industry in past decade the only expected time of ad-tech future would be 6 months to 1 year.

Expectations from the market:

  1. Evolution of smart TV’s in market other than US
  2. More money will flow in programmatic video as a rough assumption it’ll cross $2.50+ billion in next 2 years
  3. Data management will evolve for better branding

Tell me something about Programmatic video and your platforms for it?

Our platform has integrated with one of the top-notch Infrastructure providers who has resulted in very minimal response time and therefore decreasing the overall timing of auction. Also, we are coming up with a unique multi-channel SSP with multi-bidding technology through advanced algorithms which will help the publishers attain the highest possible CPM’s with less response time, unlike the traditional waterfall model which increases latency and sometimes timeout error for publishers valuable asset.

What is Streamlyn Monetization Model?

We work on a unique monetisation model for publishers where we were opening up their inventory not only to top-notch advertisers, SSP’s & DSP’s but also for buyers from the mid and small-scale market. helps us bump their inventory demand and revenue across the landscape many times, it has resulted in 20-25% revenue growth from their previous performance.

How can Customers benefit using Streamlyn?

On one hand, our publishers get benefitted from our vast advertiser’s pool and on the other hand mid, and small-scale advertisers get window look into trusted inventory verified by verification technology platforms.

Thank you “Tarun Gambhir” for your valuable inputs to our users.

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