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T-Series YouTube Channel Marketing Success Strategy to Become World Number One Channel

T-Series YouTube Channel Marketing

T-Series YouTube Channel Introduction

T-Series is an Indian music company and in 1960s it was the number one music record brand in India. The cassettes business was then destroyed due to the emergence of Internet. The company then created a YouTube channel. The company was the first of its kind to put their music online for free consumption. The audience could access the music via YouTube. T-Series YouTube Channel success strategy is explained here.

T-Series began their own channel on YouTube platform in the year 2006. The channel created for the demands of the audience. The channel made videos which are lyrics and audio only and videos.

Music Videos are the Success Formula

Music Videos are the Success Formula of T-series. The reasons for the success of T- series can be attributed to the fact that they offered original content to the audience. People with high-speed connections could watch the T-series high definition videos and enjoy them to the maximum. The company focused on making videos on multiple formats that helped those reaches wider audiences.

Content digitalisation and other practices made the T-Series YouTube channel have the edge over other music companies on YouTube platform. The channels tried to keep the audience engaged with the concepts such as lyrical videos, twisters, behind the scene videos, jukeboxes song making videos etc.It has a strong network of loyal fans because of its efforts to keep them engaged on social networks and also acknowledging their fans.

T-Series YouTube channel has loyal audience base, and it never ignored to interact with the audiences and to take feedback from them. Not only this, but T-series also used their channel to spot new talent. The channel made to the top 10 YouTube channels in the world at the beginning of 2016. It now has 12,256,048+ subscribers and 10,934,599,205+ views.

Other featured channels of T-Series on YouTube include Kids Hut, Apna Punjab, Telugu, Kannada, Health and Fitness, Bhakti Sagar, Shabad Gurbani, Bollywood Classics, Tamil Music, Indian Classics and so on.It has a total of sixteen channels on YouTube node has more than 30 billion viewers.The T-series YouTube channel is said to attract millions of views per day.

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Original and Exclusive Content

The success secret of T-Series on YouTube is that it offers the content that is relevant to the times. They always try meeting the expectations of the consumers. They upload videos containing the hit film music and also independent music. They promote young talent by signing YouTube music stars to create albums for Bollywood films.

The hard word of the T-series team resulted in achieving this feat. Consistency in quality, curation of content, engagement of consumers helped them to achieve this. T-series always tried to improve the audience interaction, so that they are more engaged with the audience. They made the audience come back to their channel with innovative concepts. They focused on tags, annotations, metadata and SEO and other standard procedure to succeed in this space. Apart from content creation, T-series also used the social media networks to promote themselves. It used the Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Global Indian YouTube Audience behind the Success

The success of T-Series YouTube channel is large because of the global Indians. Most viewers and subscribers for the channel come from outside of India. T-series channel has the audience base across the world from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, SAARC nations and also Saudi Arabia.

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