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The Ultimate Guide to Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams

Super Chat

Super Chat is the new feature of YouTube for monetizing live streaming of creators.

Those who want to comment on the live stream can click the dollar amount that appears in the chat window and set the dollar amount to send to the YouTuber. The more amount the viewer pays, the more time the comment will get pinned.

What is Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams?

A new revenue source is launched by YouTuber for creators.

When they go live, they can make use of the new feature which is called the super chat.

The feature helps in getting donations from the fans. The messages of the viewers who purchase super chat are pinned to the top of the chat window.

The viewers can make purchases of Super chats on Android app, from YouTube etc. Purchases on iOS are currently not available.

To purchase, the viewers have to click on the dollar sign in the live chat. If you are making the purchase on mobile, keep the mobiles in portrait mode.

Go to Send a Super Chat option.

Select the amount.

You can also enter the message.

Now select buy and send.

Follow the instruction to complete the purchasing process.

How to Monetize Live Streams with Super Chat 

The Super Chat feature announced by YouTube is similar to the Cheering Feature of Twitch.

Creators can monetize their live streams using this feature. The viewers can send a donation to the broadcaster and buy the instant message or comment.

It will be pinned and highlighted at the top of chat stream for long periods.

Usually, the comment can be seen pinned for up to five hours. Presently, this is rolled out to select partners and by the end of January broader roll out is expected.

Best Practices for Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams 

• Take care that it is not any troll that paid the money to pin hateful comments on your live streams.

• The broadcaster must first build their base prior to going live streaming.

• Choose the live streaming topic carefully. There are some types of content that help make the most money.

• Thank the viewers for the donations and respond to the comments of the audience.

• Plan streaming even in advance and let your audience know about it through a video trailer.

• Advertise on social media to let your followers know.

Making Money Using Super Chat for YouTube Live Streams 

Here is another way for YouTubers to make money.

Now the broadcasters can monetize their live streaming. The new features announced are both the creators and viewers.

The relations between the creator and his fans. Those who depend on their YouTube channels to generate revenue will get benefit from this feature.

The message or comment of the viewer who makes payment to the broadcaster will be a highlight in a different color and the comment gets pinned for up to five hours.

This way the broadcaster can check the message of those who made the payment. While the creator can generate revenue from this, the viewer can get the attention of their favorite creator.

This helps in developing connections between the favorite creators and super fans. The new feature is going to be launched on January 31 for content creators in twenty countries.

This feature will be available for viewers in not twenty countries but in forty countries.

Live streaming is becoming very popular. The latest feature announced by YouTube helps the people who live stream to earn money.This is especially good for those who have a large number of the subscribers.

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