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10 Reasons You Should Not Buy Subscribers On YouTube

10 Reasons You Should Not Buy Subscribers On YouTube

Every YouTuber will be fixed to get the millions or billions of subscribers before launching the channel by huge reputation in the public. After the establishment of the channel, they might reach the goal of their initial intention. On behalf of that, they always choose to buy the fake subscribers from indulged persons. There are too many problems that could be faced with purchasing.

1.No Participation:

These subscribers are not yet all going to participate in the channel as a normal user for watching videos you uploaded and can’t make comments or compliments. Because they are not real time users and they accounts are created with fake details.

2.No Traffic:

As these are dead accounts they can’t go for searching your video content. Though you have plenty of subscribers it wastes your time and money to spend on them.

3.Bogus of Subscribers:

When you make a deal with others to buy subscribers then they will be merged with the major companies. Those will give the offer of purchasing their links with these subscribers. If you don’t choose that, then you might lose the subscribers.

4.Hack of Channel:

When you use fake subscribers then there may be chances of hacking your channel by gathering the entire data. If they go on for misusing your channel then, what you are going to do which seems useless.

5.Lack of Conversions:

When there is no activity taking place in your channel by the subscribers then you will not get conversion rate which is the major concept in measuring the performance of the channel. Then what’s the use of buying subscribers?

6.Demolish the Identification of actual Subscribers:

When you choose the option of purchasing subscribers then it might be tough to recognize the actual subscribers. Then you can’t estimate the skills of your ability to get success.

7.Loss of Commercial Ads:

When you have these dead subscribers with no activity, then you lose the chance of getting the offer to place the commercial ads. This will completely push down your channel financial growth.

8.Not obeying the Terms and Conditions:

When you choose the platform of YouTube to establish your channel then will provide some terms and conditions by obeying the legal activities. It’s not good to use fraudulent subscribers by violating those conditions.

9.Prohibition of the Channel:

The algorithm of the YouTube will be notified by the fraud activities done by the user then your channel could be banned immediately.

10.Ruins the Fame:

When your channel has been blocked then the users will get a negative impression about your services that are provided by your channel. Once it happens then your lifetime goal will be smashed.


To be as a successful vlogger then should not deviate to buy the fake YouTube subscribers by considering all these points. If are willing to start the channel just go ahead of these phrases which are more helpful.

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