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StumbleUpon Advertising Campaign to Increase YouTube Views

StumbleUpon Advertising Campaign

Stumbleupon is a popular bookmarking site and a good content discovery tool on the web. There are some one billion referrals every month generated by 25 million users on the platform. The platform is very active in content sharing. The platform also allowed the promotion of the video content. So, marketers target their video promotion on StumbleUpon a platform has good number of viewers and community which is active.

Paid discovers on stumbleupon

It is one of the featured tools on the platform which is already in use by many marketers via social networks. Stumbleupon daily can be maintained very easily compared to the other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc because those platforms need the perfect strategy that must be changed the time to time. Of course, it is required to build good content promotional strategy according to trends but on StumbleUpon, the maintenance does not require more time. The paid discovery tool on Stumbleupon allows the marketers for advertising creation and as well as promotion on the platform. There is an option to choose the estimated budget for your campaign on stumble upon.

The users can make their choice either priority serving or your priority serving to base on the need. The paid discovery campaign can be created on StumbleUpon by providing the campaign URL and estimated or expected daily visitors. The marketers can save the review and target your audience across the platform. The platform offers precise targeting of the content. So, you can promote the YouTube videos on stumble upon to increase the video views and drive the tragic towards your YouTube videos.


Here we can find the importance of launching advertising campaigns on StumbleUpon which directly helps in raising the YouTube video views. StumbleUpon is one of the trending apps which helps for marketers to explore the brand of their business. Thus the launch video campaigns on StumbleUpon will guide you to make extraordinary campaigns as it has vast number users. When you are establishing advertising campaigns just concentrate on the strategies that are required to draw the perfect campaign that grabs the attention of the audience.

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