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Stream Background YouTube Music on Android and IOS Devices

Stream Background YouTube Music

Everyone is eagerly looking for the solution of playing YouTube music in the background while we turned off the Icon or we want to open another tab in both Android and IOS mobiles, Tabs, Notepads, and iPads.

This is the standard aggravating thing that each person having, and we have the best solving techniques in a simple way that all people can understand.

Resolving Problem in Android Device:

If we want to enjoy the YouTube music in the background of Android device while doing other works then the only simple thing we can do is that we should have the Mozilla Firefox app in our device.

First of all, we just need to open the YouTube app and then start playing the music album.

Just go to share it the option on top right of the streaming music. Then, we can find the URL link copying icon after that click on it.

Now open the Mozilla Firefox option on our device and past that link on it. You can sort it to open as a desktop form to maximize the streaming speed.

Now it starts playing without any break and we can continue with our YouTube account to get the pleasure of unlimited songs.

This can be a very effortless way to stream the music by using Firefox, which is available for free of cost and everlasting method.

Stream Background YouTube Music on IOS Device:

The option of playing YouTube on the background of IOS can also be made possible through the built- in an app like Safari.

Just visit the YouTube and click the share option then copy the URL link from then paste it on the Safari.

Then the search engine will show that video and notifies to open in YouTube then click cancel.

Again go to search option of the same page and type After that, copy the video URL and start playing.

This is only somewhat critical part to enable this option.

Now, if we turn off the present tab and if you open other app then, it stops playing. To avoid that just swipe up the centre of the screen and press the start button.

When the screen turned off it plays continuously.

Note: In some IOS devices we can directly stop playing and swipe the main centre control to play the music directly.

For this, we need not to pay for anything and we can have the flash of entertainment from the next moment.

The YouTube Red has the option of background playing of music but, it is a little bit expensive to subscribe.

This paid subscription will lead us to have benefits blocking ads and we can access Google play music.

Through this feature of making background streaming of YouTube


There is a problem with YouTube Music, when we turn off the icon the background music stops. This problem was resolved for Android and iOS users. Here is the guide for streaming background YouTube music on Android and iOS devices.

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