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20 Fascinating stats about the Facebook Video Advertising

20 Fascinating Stats About The Facebook Video Advertising

Digital Videos are booming now, traffic comes from all social sites especially for Facebook videos. Online marketers are spending billions on video ads. It’s been rising every year.

Once if you check the Facebook statistics from Facebook stats you will find thrilling facts about Facebook video advertising. People are spending three times longer time on Facebook video compared to other Live Video streaming.

  1. More than 31 million businesses are having their official Facebook page
  2. More than20 million businesses had optimized their bussiness fan page on Facebook through mobile
  3. More than 120 percent more per ad unit on the Facebook platform was paying by the advertisers on Facebook
  4. Nearly 60 percent of the advertising budgets on Facebook was deidicated towards the mobile.
  5. More than 20 percent click though rates are noted towards the Facebook ads
  6. 0.3$ is the average ad cost per the click on Facebook platform
  7. Nearly80 percent of brands are promoting on the Facebook through the posting of videos on platform
  8. One million small and medium type of businesses were advertising on the Facebook platform
  9. More than 50 percent regions outside United states were targeting the advertisng on Facebook
  10. The Facebook video ads have raised to 35 percent more comparing to the previous years
  11. More than 90 percent of the social marketers were using the Facebook advertisng
  12. 10 percent digital ad spend was noted everyday on Facebook
  13. 1.28 percent is the average click through rate for the Facebook custom ads from websites
  14. 1.8 percent is the click through rate at an average for Facebook exchange ad
  15. More than two times increase in the ROI with Facebook ad was reported during 2013-14 reports
  16. 5x times increased growth was noticed in Facebook Ad CPM during the November 2013-14
  17. 160 percent ROI was reported for the retail Facebook advertisers
  18. 5 million Facebook pages are promoting the posts
  19. 90.02 $ is the average order value of the ecommerce on Facebook
  20. 60 percent increase was seen in the Facebook ad referrals


On a recent survey on Facebook video watched per hour has raised compared the total number of videos uploaded. In this article we listed top 20 fascinating facts about Facebook video advertising for the Industries.

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