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15 Mind-Blowing Stats about Facebook Video

Facebook Video

Facebook video, which is relatively young in comparison to YouTube which launched in 2005, is now delivering 4 billion daily viewers. That’s up from 3 billion views every day, which announced in January 2015. Facebook could upload a video for some years but didn’t get serious about it until 2014 when it adjusted its algorithms to weight video more heavily. By contrast, YouTube reached the 4 billion video views daily mark in 2012, about eight months after it had reached the 3 billion score and seven years after it launched.

Facebook video is big and it’s getting bigger. For the first time, YouTube needs to worry about losing its position as the king of online video. Here are some statistics for you to consider.

Stats about Facebook Video

  1. Take, for example, this video shared by Vox on Facebook. The page itself has 225,000 likes, but the video received over 1.1 million views since when it was shared on April 10.
  2. Users sharing video on retail and brand sites chose Facebook 46 percent of the time, with email accounting for 40 percent and Twitter capturing 14 percent of shares.
  3. 1 billion video views a day
  4. People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago.
  5. The number of videos showing up in people’s news feeds has increased by 360% compared to last year.
  6. It seems that as Facebook transformed itself into a mobile-first company over the past few years, it is now being converted into a video-first property.
  7. Video views on Facebook grew by 50% between May 2014 and July 2014
  8. Between June 2014 and September 2014 people collectively averaged 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.
  9. More than 65% of those views are happening on smartphones and tablets
  10. People are posting 94% more videos to the social network.
  11. Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014.
  12. Starting in January, however, content marketers increasingly began uploading videos to Facebook directly, with a 50% increase from January through May.
  13. In January 2014, Facebook was getting just over half of all video interactions.
  14. In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions
  15. For video, that network is now Facebook. And it looks like that fact is here to stay.


Facebook video is the one of best advertising tool in social media.According to statistics Facebook video views increasing everyday.the above are the mind blowing statistics about Facebook Video advertising.

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