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Best Startup Videos of All Time

Startup Videos

For all startups, looking to promote their business and increase the sales online, videos will be of great help to skyrocket the business. As it was already proven, product videos help a lot in the decision-making process of the prospective customer and now Startup Videos help startup companies to grow their business.

Here are some of the best and most popular Startup Videos for those who are looking for inspiration.

Best Startup Videos of All Time


Beezer is one of the best videos for startups. The video has animations that go along with the visuals of the company. The video addresses the pain points of the targets, and the video is explanatory and useful for the audiences.


Zopim is another startup explainer video that shows the representatives of the company discussing with the customers. Over internet. The voice over is soft-spoken and straightforward, and the background keeps the audience focused on the content of the video.


Tripcase is a traveling app, and the explainer video of them shows a lady walking in the airport. The woman, at the end of the video, says though she hates traveling, with Tripcase she is good at traveling.


Poo~Pourri is a toilet deodorizer and making an explainer video on this uncomfortable subject is a challenge. The creators of the video mixed girly aesthetics, and uncomfortable situations and the result is one of the best Startup Videos.


Spotify, the name is very popular with the online users now. But when the service launched, they made a startup explainer video using animation. The well-made video made sure that people got excited.

Videos play an essential role in engaging and attracting new customers. Videos also help in the decision-making process and are also great tools for retaining the customers. Create the right explainer video that helps to take the business to the next level.

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