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How to Spring Clean Your YouTube Channel

How To Spring Clean Your YouTube Channel

As spring started everyone eagerly waiting to have the experience of newly created content with the same excitement. On behalf of that, we had given some typical and simple strategies to spring cleanup of your YouTube channel which gives utterly different gesture with an unexpected traffic of audience.

Take back-up before deleting/updating something:

When you started cleaning your YouTube channel then make sure to keep all the files though you have done the back-up. Because once it deleted, you never get back the topmost rated and shared stuff on your channel.

Audit YouTube Analytics and note the issues in the Channel:

Try to check the performance of your channel through YouTube analytics and this you can find which video is being in the top position to engage the channel through constant traffic or being in low place. Then you can make specific amendments to the modified channel.

Conduct a Video Content Audit:

The video content audit will specify the quality of the video content that we have uploaded into the channel by identifying the drawbacks and benefits in the content of the video.

Check Worst Performing Videos and clean it:

Must clean the channel by picking out the videos that been showing the worse performance for a long time. Instead of that place the updated and user pretending videos.

Audit your Titles, Descriptions, and Tags:

Make an observation especially on titles, description and tags by removing the spam-related words. Because of that, the user can find fresh and unique content from your channel.

Audit All Custom Thumbnails and Update new Thumbnails:

Thumbnails will play the vital role in attracting the audience towards the channel. Hence, check those custom thumbnails and boost up the low performing videos by replacing the updated new thumbnails.

Clean Old Videos with Refreshing new look Thumbnails and metadata and relaunch it:

Don’t forget to remake the thumbnails and metadata by cleaning the old videos to have a completely new look. Then you should relaunch those videos on your channel as a new video content.

Update Old Channel Tags and Descriptions:

Give the updated tags and descriptions for the old channel as it has to appear with an ultimate gesture. This could help you to bring more traffic than normal.

Add Cards for Old Videos:

The adding of cards to old videos will grab the attention of the viewers by intimating the information about the upcoming videos. To have such type of new activity to engage the channels just add the cards for old videos.

Delete Not Performing Playlists and add new Playlists:

As in the task of cleaning the YouTube channel just remove the old playlists that are not showing good performance and instead of that add new ones.

Delete spam comments:

Always focus on the comments you receive from the users if there are any spam that is obtained from the opponents immediately delete that. Otherwise, this will drop down the image of the channel.

Double check your contact info if it is changed:

After updating the channel just go on checking the contact information if you made any changes, then immediately modify that data as well. It is the major link from users to reach you for any queries.

Review Every Video in the Channel:

Review the each video that you have uploaded to the channel then remove the videos that remained useless for a long time.

Update your Channel ‘About’ Section and Social Links:

As a user steps to check your profile in the section of ‘About’ so try to update everything clearly including the theme of your channel and social links that you have specified.

Clean up your Featured Channels List:

As you have a number of featured channels list just update those channels by cleaning individually. If you gave any new titles for those channels just replace them or remove the old useless channels.


These are the best ways to do while doing the cleanup of your channel. As a Vlogger, if you follow all these strategies in the process of cleanup will be more advantageous to get traffic of having a continuous engagement of the audience.

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