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Spin Studio from Pixvana 360 Degree Video Editing Suite


360-degree videos have become the great buzz across the web. The new cameras with different features have gone viral since few days, and now the new tools and editing software for 360-degree videos are new buzzes across the web. The new Pixvana from the Spin studio is striking every eye and was going to launch a beta version.

Pixvana – new suite tools for VR

Pixvana designed for the virtual reality professionals where they can utilise them to stitch, publishing, editing as well as to share and distribution of the 360-degree content. The spin studio already placed the spin player and publisher who already launched in September this year, and the new arrivals are planned to strike the 2017 year with new features.

The new Spin stitch, story and finish come with different features which made the tools easy to use. The new spin stitches syncs and stitch with the clips from the rigs that support the virtual reality and the other cameras that are integrated. It came with good adjustments for the centre point along with horizon line and interaction. The interactive mask supports the editing which allows the users to go to review the stitch across the browser as well with the headset.

The Spin story integrates the clips of virtual reality by trimming and sequencing the full story tie lines along with the necessary transitions and the effects on it.

The Spin Finish allows the users to utilise the range of colours along with the colour correction options. For the users can manage the colour corrections which is included with the life of gamma gain and the eight ways of selective colours along with the sharpness which is very easy for the virtual reality professionals.

When comes to spin publisher, it can generate the one button which encodes the VR content utilising the Pixmania field to check on the adaptive streaming technology which is capable of adjusting in real-time. The spin player targets on the delivery of better VR video experience to the audience targets across the headsets at low-intensity playback too.

Therefore, it is beneficial for the VR professionals for editing the 360 degrees with its unique editing suite tools. Pixmania will become the part of VR professional usage.

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