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How to Create Spatial Audio in 360-degree and VR Videos

Spatial Audio in 360-degree

Do you want to find something better to reach the audience than regular videos like Spatial Audio in 360-degree?

Everyone was tired of watching monotonous videos.

Then create the videos of 360-degree or VR with Spatial Audio.

360 Degree Spatial Audio

The 360-degree videos or virtual reality videos are the most seeking videos in the present era. To have real time experience of being in that 360-degree video content, the 360-degree spatial audio is the stream.

The involvement of it can be used to have the listening experience through all direction as they are coming from the real persons or things.

The viewers of 360-degree video will be immersed in the real world of being in that situation.

How to Record Spatial Audio?

The Zoom H2n Handy recorder can be used to record the spatial audio for 360-degree videos. With the update of firmware version 2.00, the ambisonic microphone in Zoom H2n helps to capture the spatial audio in a horizontal position which is more flexible on the platform of Jump. Before activating all these Zooms, H2n should have the enable mode of Spatial audio.

  • See that Zoom H2n should have SD card.
  • The stand by monitoring mode should be activated by holding the Home key.
  • Now the main menu must be opened.
  • From that go to REC Settings through REC.
  • Choose the Spatial Audio through the REC Settings.
  • Now activate ‘ON’.

Ambisonic Audio

The technique that has been used to listen the audio from the top and bottom of the 360-degree video viewer to listen the audio is named as Ambisonic Audio.

Ambisonic audio will be resulted by depending on the recording position.

The B-format microphone with four elements can be used to record the sound at the current position of the listener and that will be played through a set of loudspeakers.

The placing positions of loudspeakers and number the will able the Ambisonic to generate the sound from all directions.

Spatial Audio in 360-degree Spatializer

There are so many plugins are available that supports the 360-degree audio spatializer.

When the audio from the actual source to surroundings of the space has been transmitted then the way will be stabilized by the audio spatializers.

The audio from the source to the both the ears of the listener will be balanced by using Audio Spatializer plugin.

Some of the audio spatializer plugins are Unity, Oculus and Microsoft HRTF etc.

Spatial Audio Software

This software can monitor the sounds by mixing the multiple sounds and produces the high-quality sounds that are exactly matched with the 360-degree or VR videos.

List of spatial audio software tools are ‘Blue Ripple sound, Reaper, Dolby Atmos for VR, Sound Particles, Harpex, Iffmpeg, VVAudio, Ambi Head, Gaudio, Flux and Audioborn etc. These all have unique features to deliver the ultimate audio for the 360-degree or VR videos.

Spatial Audio on YouTube

YouTube has come into the world of producing VR videos and 360-degree videos. It has been added the spicy sauce like Spatial Audio concept to it dispatch the great flavor while watching YouTube videos.

The desktop users of using Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge will get the spatial audio through headsets including Android YouTube mobile app users.

The stereo sound will be experienced by the Safari desktop users and iPhone and IPad users.

It has listed the video upload specifications to produce the spatial audio. YouTube has the feature of previewing the spatial audio in VR video after uploading.

Facebook 360-degree Spatial Audio

The audience of Facebook can have the Spatial Audio experience along with the 360-degree or VR videos with the help of headsets.

Note that this can be experienced only on supporting devices.

While listening to the spatial audio on Facebook different device platforms might have slight variation.

But the use of spatial audio in Facebook News Feed 360-degree videos will create real time fun of being in that video.

Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation

The software tool that has been provided by the Facebook to feed the spatial audio in 360-degree or VR videos that being placed at newsfeed of the audience is termed as Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation.

The different spatial audio formats that are compactable with varied devices will be generated by using it.

The plug in it can be used to have the spatial audio on mobile platforms like iPhone and Android.


After having look at this article you might get an idea about the importance of Spatial Audio in 360-degree or VR videos. If you are making VR videos with no Spatial Audio in 360-degree then immediately immerse them. Then you can find the difference between watching regular VR videos and spatial audio VR videos.

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