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South Africans Online Video Statistics [Report]

South Africans Online Video Statistics [Report]

South Africa is making its presence in the digital marketing with successful marketing strategies that are following in the country. They are focusing on the consumer insights and the selection of channels. It had penetrated greatly in online video marketing. The online video usage has increased the opportunities and growth in South Africa. According to the survey reports, it was revealed that the online video was getting doubled in South Africa in between 2011 to 2014. There is a 24 percent increase rate was observed in South Africa in video usage. The South Africans Online Video Statistics are given here.


Statistical Reports:

  • It was estimated that more than 7 million people were using the internet connections according to the 2011 reports.
  • More than 30 million South Africans were using the online video via smartphones.
  • More than 40 percent consumers are watching videos more than five minutes via smartphones in South Africa.
  • They are not only watching the short form of videos but also watching the long videos on different video sites and increasing their video consumption rates after the China and Singapore countries.
  • It was expected that more than 4GB traffic was reported per month via smartphones.
  • According to the survey reports, it was reported that more than 42 percent of households are using the internet to watch the video content.
  • It was also reported that according to 2013, only 10 percent households in Africa got connected with the internet.
  • The highest internet usage to watch videos was noted as high rates in Western Cape in South Africa.
  • More than 40 percent of the households were using the internet and watching the online videos by using their mobile devices.


South Africa people implementing digital marketing like online video viewing capacity growing country marketing. The above are the South Africa statistics of South Africa Online video consumption. Not only in this place every country growing online marketing strategies through online videos.

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