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How Big Brands are taking advantage of Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming

Digital marketing made marketing very convenient and cost-effective for marketers. Many advertising methods followed by big brands such as television advertisements, ads in print media, billboards etc. Social media is introducing latest technologies, from time to time for the benefit of advertisers and one of them live to stream.

Live streaming was not made a part of social media marketing by many brands till now. Big brands are using social media live streaming in the following ways. The most important use of social media live streaming is sharing the live events. Not all the fans and followers of the brand take part in all the important events. Live streaming the event is helping the brands to connect with the audience.

To make the brand personality and to allow people to relate to it, big brands are already using social media live streaming to host interviews of the members in their company. Live presentation of newly launched products through social media live streaming is another effective way that benefits the brands.

Behind the scenes, videos are the most popular type of video for digital marketing. The results are more positive if they live streamed. Brands are using this technique and are increasing their transparency and credibility. Interacting broadcasts are another way in which social media live big brands use streaming. Adidas use the international Yoga day occasion for lifestreaming their Rise and Shine event, and a large number of people participated in it all over the world. Question and answer sessions are also popular for live streaming. The customers can directly interact with the persons belonging to the brand and get their doubts clarified. The opportunities of live streaming are many, and big brands are using all of these to engage with the public.

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