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10 Interesting Facts about Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat has released the new sunglasses which consist of a camera. The platform had introduced the snap bots vending machines at different locations to dispense its spectacles. The Snapchat spectacles are used to take 10 seconds video snap and can extend up to 30 seconds by tapping on the button. Here are ten interesting things to know about the Snapchat spectacles.

10 interesting facts

  1. The spectacles have the camera lens inside which can able to shoot the video up to 30 seconds.
  2. The user can only access the video shoot for 10 seconds after tapping the button it can extend for additional 10 seconds and again repeat the same after 20 seconds which can help you to extend the video shoot to 30 seconds.
  3. Snapchat spectacles pairing process is simple and fast.
  4. To pair Snapchat spectacles with your device, you have to on the spectacles and Bluetooth on your mobile and stare at the snap code on a screen. It enables the instant pairing.
  5. The users can name the spectacles just like you name your device.
  6. The default name of the Snapchat spectacles is “Snapchat Username”
  7. The video shot on Snapchat spectacles can turn into high definition and for that, you need to connect the spectacles as the Wi-Fi hotspot by setting in your mobile.
  8. It takes few minutes to download three 10 seconds clips.
  9. Users can use some others spectacles and connect. The device also renames the other spectacles connected.
  10. A new trophy icon is displayed on the Snapchat app while spectacles are connected.

All these above ten points are ten quick, interesting facts about the new Snapchat spectacles. Whatever the spectacles features are but it had successfully hit the trends lists on every platform with its release. People are discussing spectacles and creating great buzz across the web.

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