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10 Ways to use Snapchat Spectacles for Business Branding

Snapchat Spectacles for Business Branding

Snapchat renamed itself as Snap Inc and just not that, it also launched its first hardware called Snapchat Spectacles. These are a pair of sunglasses equipped with the camera. It said that the company was working on the sunglasses for years. Here is how the Snapchat spectacles can be used for business branding. Advantages of Snapchat Spectacles for Business Branding can be defined here.

1. Businesses can use the Snapchat spectacles for location shots and share them with their followers.

2. Snapchat spectacles are also best for taking quick interviews of the persons related to the brand.

3. Live speaking footage of the customers can be recorded and shared.

4. Recording behind the scenes stuff with Snapchat spectacles will also be fun, and such videos are sure to keep the audience engaged.

5. Unboxing clips of upcoming products can record. The glasses allow recording of circular video with the 115-degree angle lens to make the video appear closer and to similar to what human eye sees.

6. Business promo clips can be recorded as well as the event/conference walkthrough.

7. Brands and businesses can try talking to an official related to the brand about the doubts of consumers and getting answers to clarify them. Such quick videos can be recorded with the help of Snapchat spectacles.

8. Share breaking news and big developments in the company or introduce a new product. Get benefit from sharing the information with the followers via a video created with Snapchat spectacles.

9. Let the audience knows what is behind the making of the products and help increase brand loyalty.

10. Surprise the community of followers by sharing video containing special content for the audience that they cannot see on any other platform. Record these video with Snapchat spectacles.

Snapchat spectacles are offered in three colors–black, teal and coral. Only limited number of them will be available for now and these come with the price tag of $129.

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