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How to add Snapchat snaps to Instagram Stories

Snapchat snaps to Instagram Stories

When coming to the promotion of a business online, the marketer has many options like Snapchat and Instagram to name a few apart from Facebook and LinkedIn.Each of the platforms offers their own unique opportunity for the marketer.

Snapchat was started its journey in 2011 and is available in 20 languages worldwide.Brief highlights about this platform:

May 2012 – 25 images/second were being sent.

November 2012 – shared over one billion posts (daily sharing @ 20 million photos).

December 2012 – addition of the ability to send video snaps.

October 2013 – Introduction of ‘My Story’ feature

October 2014 – addition of video chat.

May 2015 – users sending 2 billion videos per day.

2016 – 10 billion video daily views.

The above amply suggest the growing popularity of Snapchat.

Brief snippets about Instagram:

• It is a freeware available for all OS i.e., windows, apple, android.

• Available in 25 languages world-over.

• Coming from Facebook the platform has been in existence since 2010.

As a natural consequence, marketers would be interested in promoting his content on multiple channels as above i.e., Instagram & Snapchat as well.

Now here is the list of steps to upload Snapchat Snaps to Instagram Stories.

1) Create new snap in Snapchat.

2) Save the snap chat & exit out by tapping the ‘x’ in the upper left-hand corner.

3) Tap the Memories button at the bottom of the interface below the shutter.

4) Under “Snaps” tab, tab the snap saved in step 2 above.

5) Reveal the edit interface by swiping up on the screen.

6) Tap Export Snap by tapping the hamburger button in the upper left-hand corner.

7) Save image/video.

8) Move to Instagram.

9) Open the “Stories” interface.

10) View the videos saved in the last 24 hours & selected exported snap (step 7 above).

11) Add additional text, comments etc and Save.

Though it is a very simple process, there is no automatic updating of content across platforms. The marketer has to engage some talent to promote his content on multiple platforms i.e., Snapchat & Instagram.


The combination of both Snapchat and Instagram will be the fine way to boost the promotion strategies that explore the business branding. After analyzing this article you might know how the Snapchat and Instagram will be merged in simple way.

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